Goldgenie launch several limited edition versions of the 24k Gold BlackBerry Porsche design phone which sells all over the world for £4000 per unit, at the time these were only available from Harrods. One of our first customers is famed muic industry icon Johnny Wright (Justin Timberlakes manager) who helps to make this item the best selling product since the EJAF iPod – the BB Gold continues to break all sales records until the  Apple iPhone gains more traction – BlackBerry, famous for making cellphones with physical keyboards that were once so popular people nicknamed them Crackberries, decided in 2016 to stop making its own devices – Goldgenie still have several of the original Blackberry Porsche phones in stock which have become collectors items and available to purchase for £20,000 per unit.

Laban Roomes and Johnny Wright with Gold Blackberry Porsche

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