Goldgenie’s dazzling diamond iPhone 6 release was featured in the Daily Mail on Saturday.  Featuring interview with Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes, who claimed the phone to be the most exclusive in the world, the article caused more than a few shares (over 3.5k) and didn’t fail to raise more than a few eyebrows.  One commenter, Michael from Dublin joked,

“Have you got 20p?”

“What for?”

“To make a phone call”

“Here use my €2m phone.”

“I’m not ET I just need 20p to phone home”


While Goldgenie are certainly not claiming this phone to be capable of phoning other planets (unless someone develops an app to do this of course!), it is certainly sure to call the attention of all your fellow earthlings.  Embedded with 788 diamonds and embellished with lustrous 24k Gold, this phone is one of the finest examples of luxury customised technology.   Presented in beautiful Cherry Oak Box, this light-catching beacon of a phone blurs the boundary between modern day gadgets and jewellery and is a true modern treasure.  Of course, we at Goldgenie believe that every day should be treasured and therefore why not make every day objects into pieces of treasure to remind us of this?!

Watch interview below:




Laban Roomes Interviewed on Limited Edition iPhone 6 Gold Diamond Ecstasy

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