Gold Plate Your iPhone 4

No doubt you have seen all the photos in the press recently, of Victoria Beckham and her Goldgenie gold iPhone! You may have even watched our exclusive Goldgenie YouTube Video that has already had thousands of views! Well you will now probably want your own gold iPhone like Victoria’s…..look no further than Goldgenie.

You probably didn’t realise that if you already have an iPhone 4, you can get it customised at a reasonable price. The back, sides and buttons of your iPhone will be plated in luxurious 24ct. gold and sent back to you within 3 days of arrival at our offices.

Your iPhone will NOT be opened – 2 years guarantee.

Special trade prices available for orders over 5 units – call 0845 463 8973 for more information

£505.99 inc. VAT
£610.99 inc. VAT

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  1. i like it Gold Plate Your iPhone 4 | Customisation | DAY4 – The Midas Touch now im your rss reader

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