Only £2,447.50

Plus VAT if applicable

Goldgenie Business Opportunity

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Customise 100’s of everyday items in 24k Gold and Silver.

  • Affiliation to Goldgenie as a Goldgenie Certified Professional

  • No Royalties

  • Work from home

  • Complete turn key package

  • Mentoring/ guidance from the Goldgenie Team

  • Dedicated business team to help you set up

  • Enough Gold plating solution to recoup your initial investment

  • Simple step by step training via web link and hard copy manual

  • 24k Gold plate any conductive item within 1 hour of receiving your new customisation business

The Goldgenie Business Opportunity



What do you receive when you become a Goldgenie Certified Professional?

Basically you will receive everything you need to get started as you venture into the highly profitable world of gold and silver plating. Few businesses can offer you a partnership that is both lucrative and fulfilling. Not to mention, Goldgenie is an internationally recognized brand. Therefore, behind you, you have the Goldgenie name, the company’s years of experience, and our in-depth expertise when it comes to the gold plating industry. In business now for nearly two decades, we can certainly show you how to make it work. An incredibly sound investment in your future, you will be working with a partner who will provide you with the resources and specialists to make your business the best!

As part of your package you’ll receive:

  • The Goldgenie Certified Professional affiliation, allowing you to leverage our Internationally recognized brand
  • The Goldgenie Pro plating machine & professional display kit
  • Gold plating equipment including probes, leads, eye protectors, plastic containers, gloves and a user manual, (just an example of what you will receive in your business kit)
  • Sufficient Gold included to return your original investment.
  • Simple step by step training video link
  • Promotional leaflets. Full-colour double-sided A5 leaflets
  • Business cards and letterheads featuring your own logo and contact details
  • Dedicated business team to help you set up
  • Telephone technical support between GMT 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday


  • Lifetime Warranty on plating machine
  • 10% commission on sales through our affiliate program

Only £2,447.50

Plus VAT if applicable

Discover what many others already have. By partnering with us you have the potential to make upwards of 60,000 per year-and that is generally averaging only about 9-10 hours of work per week.
By becoming a Goldgenie partner you truly are opening the door to a brand new future. More money, more freedom, while providing amazing gold and precious metal plated products for elite clientele.

The brainchild of founder and president Laban Roomes, Goldgenie has steadily risen to become the world’s premier luxury customization business. After appearing on Dragon’s Den and procuring funding from James Caan, Goldgenie’s popularity skyrocketed as they emerged as the go-to gold plating and luxury customization business for some of the most elite businesses and individuals in the world.

With names like Lexus, Toyota, Honda and Nokia touting their services, Goldgenie is poised to grow even bigger! In light of the massive expansion underway, we are excited to be able to offer the Goldgenie Business Opportunity, which lets individuals begin their own accredited Goldgenie business. Putting aside franchise fees, royalties and fixed rates, our goal is simply to provide you with the guidance and support you need to grow your Goldgenie endeavor in your local region. Working together, we can make the Goldgenie brand even more expansive than ever before. Not to mention, the benefits to you are truly incredible. Some have realized profits of up to 500.00 per day, and that’s just the beginning.

After you become a Goldgenie Certified Professional, we supply you with a “business in a box.” Essentially, this is everything you need to get started on your exciting gold and silver plating venture. It’s all right there for you, including our team of experts ready and willing to help. You cannot go wrong with what we are offering given this incredible opportunity. Those who have made the wise choice to become a Goldgenie partner are now working with luxury car dealerships, yacht owners, trophy outlets, churches and homeowners, just to name a few. The sky truly is the limit when you sign on with Goldgenie. You will discover the freedom, the flexibility and the wealth that comes with owning your own luxury customization business.

What do you receive when you become a Goldgenie Certified Professional?

When you invest in a Goldgenie Business Opportunity we’ll give you everything you need to start your business – actually you’ll be hitting the ground running! There are few opportunities that offer you as much as Goldgenie, on top of this you can be assured that you are with a trusted and globally recognised brand. Founded in 1995 with over 18 years of experience in this business no one is better qualified than we are in demonstrating how to make your business work, you will have access to a team of individuals that are specialists in their relevant fields that will be there to assist you. Goldgenie has a long tradition of success. Now, you too can join us.

As part of your package you’ll receive:

  • The Goldgenie Certification Package includes:
    • The Goldgenie Affiliation as you become an official partner thus allowing you to leverage our globally recognized brand
    • The Goldgenie Pro plating & display kit
    • Gold plating equipment: probes, leads, eye protection, plastic containers, gloves and a user manual
    • Gold sufficient in terms of your original investment
    • Simple to understand short ‘step by step’ training video links and hard copy manual
    • Access to all of our images high and low res.
    • Full color, double-sided A5 promotional pamphlets (if based in the U.K or art work to supply your own)
    • Goldgenie certified business cards and letterhead with your own logo & contact info
    • A team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to helping you get started
    • Technical support (phone) between 8 am and 6 pm
    • Lifetime Warranty on plating machine


    • Mentoring from the Goldgenie Team
    • Press Release in your local area
    • 5% affiliate link. Make money online promoting our products
Please Note: Goldgenie are not associated with Apple Inc. or any of its brands in any way.