Become a Goldgenie Professional & profit by customising everyday items in 24k Gold

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Gold Plating Business

Equipment & Training

  • The Goldgenie Certified Professional Opportunity
  • Includes the Goldgenie Pro 900 customisation system
  • Enough Gold solution to make £3,000+
  • Your own e-Commerce website to promote your own products and services PLUS affiliate link to promote and make 10% commission using our Drop shipping facility.
  • A custom presentation case that will include a selection of samples to be gold plated as part of your Goldgenie Certified Professional training
  • Simple to understand online training video and hard copy manual of ‘How-to Gold Plate’ all types of metals
  • ‘How-to Price and Charge’ included
  • Lifetime Warranty

Only £2,997.00

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Promotional Support

  • You will be supported by a strong multi-million pound brand. Goldgenie is the best known and leading brand
  • Goldgenie Certified Professional business cards and letterheads featuring your own logo and contact details
  • A marketing and sales plan
  • Full-colour double-sided A5 leaflets
  • 10% commission on sales through our affiliate and drop-ship programme
  • E-commerce website

Business Support & Development

  • Financial projections
  • A guide to pricing and charging
  • Solution re-order guide
  • Telephone technical support between 9am and 5.30pm Dedicated
  • How to gold plate video
  • A retail shop is NOT required to run your own Goldgenie customisation business. This opportunity can be run from your home or as a bolt on to your existing business.

Financials & Potential Earnings

Financials & Potential Earnings

These financial projections do not constitute a promise of future earnings or profits, please note this is not financial advice and the figures set out are meant to show the potential of the business only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this a get rich quick scheme?

Answer: The Goldgenie business opportunity and the tools provided are still at the heart of our business today. With the tools and equipment supplied you can customise hundreds of every-day items as seen in our demonstration videos, for a profit. In short this business opportunity will work from anyone with very basic skills and are willing to apply themselves with a resolve to make some money.


Question: Can I work from home?

Answer: Yes, most certainly. The Goldgenie Certified Professional package was designed for people to work from home, or as a bolt on to their existing businesses.


Question: How much money can I make?

Answer: Based on actual working figures if you are working just 9 hours per week gold plating items such as bathroom taps, jewellery such as watches and cutlery as an example, and you filled up 9 hours a week from home just doing this which is perfectly durable, you could be making a profit of between £800 and £1200 per week, (we advise you charge a minimum of £100 to £120 per hour, then add the price of chemicals i.e gold used onto this figure).


Question: Do you help with marketing?

Answer: Goldgenie will provide you sales and marketing literature such as business letter heads, business card, full colour double sided leaflets in your business name, a website where you can sell your own items from as well as our own, plus an affiliate link giving you 10% commission each time someone purchases via the link we supply to you, this link can be used on blogs, websites and even your Facebook page to help drive sales and create commissions for you.

Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes founded the company in 1995 using a prototype that he carried on his back selling ‘door to door’ and grew his luxury gifts and customisation company into a multi million pound business, now with the age of the internet, secure online shopping and next day delivery times the way you can grow your business has advanced and in some ways it’s more easier for you to succeed now then when we first started in 1995. All your selling can now be done through your very own website or on platforms such as Facebook, eBay, Amazon and Etsy or by using our Affiliate links as already described.


Question: Is this a franchise?

Answer: No, this is a Business Opportunity. This means we are providing you with an idea, equipment and the tools on how to make money running your own profitable gold plating business, under your own company name. However, you are affiliated to our brand by becoming a Goldgenie Certified Professional which you are allowed to use in your marketing as long as you do not bring our brand into disrepute.


Question: Do you supply leads?

Answer: Every job that comes through to us is passed on to a Goldgenie Certified Professional without charging a fee or a commission. If a lead arises in your area and you are able to do the job then this lead will be passed on to you.


Question: Where and how do I buy repeat Gold solution?

Answer: We supply a repeat Gold and chemical price list when you purchase the Goldgenie Business Opportunity system which can be purchased safely onsite at our website, prices for 100ml of Gold range from approx.£50.00, which can gold plate approx. 4 to 5 watches or 20 plus pieces of cutlery.


Question: I am not good at selling, is this for me?

Answer: Again, in the age of the internet anyone can create products and services and sell them online. This business is a simple are you interested in gold plating or not, it is a yes or no business. We have not to date come across anyone that had to be convinced to have something gold plated, people either want this service or don’t.

Please note: The success or failure of your business is down to you, the above does not constitute financial advice. If you are passionate about creating a change in your own and families financial future it will not matter what business opportunity you eventually make up your mind to go with, as you will make money anyway.

On behalf of Goldgenie and team we are wishing you all the best in your pursuit of financial independence, please remember it’s not what you choose, it’s inevitably what you do that will make your business a success and that is really all you have to remember.

Only £2,997.00

Invest Now

Only £2,997.00

Invest Now

Demonstration Videos

How to Gold Plate Stainless Steel


How to Gold Plate Chrome

gold plating gifts

How to Gold Plate a Tap

Gold Plate Tap

This is what you get in the package

Gold Plating Solutions
  • The Goldgenie Certified Professional affiliation
  • The Goldgenie Pro plating machine & professional display kit with gold plated samples
  • Gold plating equipment including probes, leads, eye protectors, plastic containers, gloves and a user manual, (just an example of what you will receive n your business kit)
  • 500ml of Gold solution included (enough solution to return your original investment)
  • 1 litre of Chrome stripper
  • 1 litre of Nickel Activator
  • 1 litre of Stainless steel activator
  • Simple step by step training video link emailed when purchased online
  • Promotional leaflets. Full-colour double-sided A5 leaflets
  • Business cards and letterheads featuring your own logo and contact details
  • Telephone technical support between GMT 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday


  • Lifetime Warranty on plating machine
  • Goldgenie affiliate link, make 10% of sales promoting our products online
  • Your own fully functional e-commerce website

Only £2,997.00

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James Caan (ex Dragons Den) Multi-Millionaire entrepreneur.

James Caan Goldgenie Business Opportunity

Kristian (Goldgenie Certified Professional)

Gold Plating and Luxury Gift Business

Only £2,997.00

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