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Gold Plating – local and regional gold plating services

Goldgenie offers specialist gold plating services for a wide range of items requiring quality gold finishes. We can gold plate stainless steel, aluminium, brass, nickel, chrome etc. and guarantee a fast, warranty-backed, and insured luxury gold plating service for trade or retail.

  • Gold plating for Interior Designers and Architects
  • Yachts, Hotels and Corporation Gold Plating services
  • Gold plated Bathroom fittings and accessories
  • Churches, Temples and Synagogues gold plating service
  • Gold Plating of Jewellery and watches
  • Novelty and bespoke items Gold Plated
  • Gold plating of Artefacts and Antiques
  • Bike and Motor vehicle Gold Plating services

Gold Plating service for bathroom fittings

Bathroom fittings can be difficult to replace, or go not available in 24k gold – Goldgenie can gold plate and refurbish the bathroom fittings, taps and towel rails as a matter of course. Most services can be completed in 7 to 14 days.

Gold Plating bathroom-fittings

Gold Plating of watches service

Goldgenie can refurbish and re-gold plate your watch using 5 microns of 24k or 18k or Rose precious gold – giving your treasured watch a new lease of life.

Gold Plating jewellery service

Is your jewellery looking tired and worn? Or is the gold starting to fade? Goldgenie can re gold plate your earrings, chains, bracelets, and necklaces in luxurious 24k or 18k or Rose gold.

Gold plated bracelet
Gold plated bracelet
Gold Plating jewellery services

Gold Plating services on car emblems & Mascots

An innovative goldplating service allowing your car emblems to be 24k gold plated in situ or via our insured courier service. For the executive 24k gold luxury look have you car emeblems and mascots customised in 24k Gold.

Gold plated bracelet
Gold plated bracelet
Gold Plating service on Lexus emblems

Gold Plating services for temples, synagogues and mosques

Gold plating artefacts for sacred and religious communities across the UK have been at the heart of our services since we were founded in 1995 – we use pure 24k gold in all our gold plating projects.

Gold Plating service on temple bells
Gold Plating of Hindu temple Neasden

Gold Plating services for household goods

Goldgenie can turn your silver or chrome household items into gleaming 2k gold plated ones – for items not readily available to purchase from high street stores this could be an inexpensive way to go “Gold”.

Gold plated bracelet
Gold Plating of Hindu temple Neasden

Benefits of using our Gold Plating services:

  • Fast turnaround. All work fully insured & guaranteed
  • Most Gold Plating jobs returned within 5 to 7 days
  • 2-year warranty on all Gold Plating jobs
  • Genuine 24k Gold, 18K and Rose Gold used

Gold Plating Photo Gallery:

Gold Plating of Hindu temple Neasden
Gold Plating of Hindu temple Neasden