Gold Peacock feather watch


Housing a real Fallen Peacock Feather as the Dial of the Watch. Encrusted diamond at 6 o’clock position. Each watch takes 15 days to assemble just the feather, hair by hair to make one perfect dial.

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This is handcrafted taken to a whole new level. Featuring an actual fallen peacock feather at its center, this gold watch took us days to create—the perfect blend of artistry, beauty and luxury. Display on your wrist the ingenious inspiration of our craftsmen. Boasting encrusted diamonds at the 6 ‘0 clock position, it is exquisiteness come alive. The vibrant colors, the uniqueness of a real peacock feather and the stunning gold combine to create an effect like nothing really ever seen before. You are not simply purchasing a gold watch, you are purchasing a piece of art inspired by nature, designed and constructed by the most dedicated artisans in the business.