A game changer in the tech world

Since Apple Inc was set up in 1977 they have truly paved the way in the technology industry. With never-ending updates, new handsets and new versions of their software, mobile phones have truly changed forever. We have gone from your brick that can call and message family and friends, to high-resolution screens that can send emails, track your daily exercise and manage your life and business!


Now owning an iPhone is nothing spectacular in this day and age, in fact, 33.33% of mobile phone users have an iPhone, but Goldgenie has now paved the way for luxury tech. Mixing the markets best software with the world’s finest material, Gold, we have created a stunning piece of technology. Businessman, working Mom or student, Goldgenie’s 24k Gold iPhone is the go-to phone for those whole love the finer things in life! With the option to add VS1 Diamonds to the surround of the phone as well, you will have heads turning. Your email, calendar updates and business calls just got a lot more luxurious. With a dedicated team of experts on hand to discuss and fulfil your wants and needs, you will definitely walk away with one hell of a smile on your face and you be back wanting more.



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