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Luxury Gold iPhones & Gifts

24k Gold iPhone 13 Range

About Goldgenie

Luxury Gold iPhones and Gifts company Goldgenie International was established in 1995. Our Gold Gift collection comprises the iconic Apple iPhone and Samsung smartphones to real roses preserved in 24k Gold. Please see our full range of Luxury Gifts for ALL occasions – More info.

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Luxury 24k Gold iPhones, Samsung, iPads, iMac, MacBook, Game consoles, etc.
Includes 18k solid gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Swarovski, & Diamond encrusted devices

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24k Gold Apple watches also available in Rose Gold and Platinum. Our luxury Gold Apple watch range comes with your choice of Python, Elite, or Milanese watch straps.


Gold Bullion ingots, 18k solid gold i-Ching and 24k gold Crypto coins, Bullion style Key rings and USB sticks to lighters, ashtrays, and glass tumblers with 24k Gold dust

18k Gold i-Ching Coins

From 24k Gold Ping putters to luxurious gold customised fine wine corkscrews and Champagne stoppers, Crystal balls with 24k Gold flake and Truffle shavers.

Luxury 24k Gold Bicycle

These are real roses preserved in 24k Gold or Platinum. Our Gold Roses come in 9 exquisite colours ranging from Blood Red, to Snow white. All Goldgenie roses have a lifetime warranty.

24k Gold Platinum Roses

Luxury Gold iPhones & Gifts Shopping

Goldgenie provides innovative luxury gold gifts such as the iPhone 13, Samsung s21, Huawei and BlackBerry – customised in a range of precious metals. Our customised items are luxuriously embellished certificated backed 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Croc-embossed leather, Swarovski crystals and Vs1 Diamonds. Our range of luxury Gold gifts include our award-winning real-life roses that have been customised using pure 24k gold or Platinum Shop online

Customise your device

Let Goldgenie customise your device in genuine 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Swarovski crystals or VS1 Diamonds Customise your device now

Luxury gold gifting corporates

We also help individuals and corporations satisfy existing customers by creating their own line of gold luxury gifts and services Create your own luxury corporate gift now

Gold Plating

Goldgenie are pioneers of the gold plating technology that first gold plated the iconic Apple iPhone and other devices such as the BlackBerry and Huawei smartphones. We are gold plating specialists and over the years have developed ground-breaking techniques to gold plate a wide range of items for different industries including interior designers, architects, jewellers, yachts, religious artefacts and the motor industry. Gold Plating Services

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