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Gold Plating Services

Premier gold plating. Free quote. Fast turnaround. All work guaranteed & insured.

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Goldgenie are the U. K’s number 1 choice in Gold Plating services & customisation. Our specialist Gold Plating services include 24k Gold, 18k Gold, Rose Gold, Antique, as well as Brush & Satin Gold finishes which extend over a wide range of industries. All services fully insured with a 5-to-7-day turnaround.

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Gold Plating Services

Goldgenie are the U. K’s number 1 choice in Gold Plating services & customisation. Our specialist Gold Plating services include 24k Gold, 18k Gold, Rose Gold, Antique, as well as Brush & Satin Gold finishes which extend over a wide range of industries. All services fully insured with a 5-to-7-day turnaround.

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UK’s no.1 Gold Plating Service Specialists

Goldgenie offer specialist gold plating services for a wide range of items requiring quality gold finishes. We can gold plate stainless steel, aluminium, brass, nickel, chrome etc. and guarantee a fast, warranty-backed, and insured luxury gold plating service for trade or retail. “Pick up and Delivery” of large items also available:

  • Gold plating for Interior Designers and Architects
  • Yachts, Hotels and Corporation Gold Plating services
  • Gold plated Bathroom fittings and accessories
  • Churches, Temples and Synagogues gold plating service
  • Gold Plating of Jewellery and watches
  • Novelty and bespoke items Gold Plated
  • Gold plating of Artefacts and Antiques
  • Bike and Motor vehicle Gold Plating services

Benefits of using our Gold Plating services:

As well as providing you with a free professional gold plating quote, Goldgenie will update you as soon as your item arrives with images – please note there is nothing to pay until gold plating has started, you will then have the option to pay via our payment link or by bank transfer, before your items which have undergone our gold plating service are returned.

  • Fast turnaround. All work fully insured & guaranteed
  • Most Gold Plating jobs returned within 5 to 7 days
  • 2-year warranty on all Gold Plating jobs
  • Genuine 24k Gold, 18K and Rose Gold used

Gold Plating FAQ’s

Q. What items do Goldgenie gold plate?

A. Goldgenie gold plate a wide variety of items such as:

  • Antiques/Jewellery/Watches
  • Smartphones and devices
  • Interiors/Bathrooms/Hotels
  • Furniture/Ornaments
  • Boats/Yachts
  • Cars/Motorbike parts
  • Churches/Synagogues/Mosques
  • Religious Artefacts

Q. What metals or different surfaces can be gold plated?

A. Goldgenie can gold plate most surfaces including some plastics like car emblems and bathroom fittings (with a conductive surface) including steel, aluminium, nickel, chrome-plated items, brass, copper, zinc and bronze.

Q. Does Goldgenie use micron gold plating?

A. Yes, our gold plating consists of “micron gold plating” and allows us to gold plate items up to a 10-micron thickness, which can be measured with the right apparatus. Devices gold plated by our company has a standard 5-micron finish.

Q. What is the warranty for your gold plating?

A. Goldgenie give a standard 2-year warranty on all our gold plating.

Q. What other finishes do you do?

A. We do Rose gold, Platinum, 24k, 22k, 18k, 9k brush, satin and antique gold plating

Q. Do you use a gold plating tank or brush plating?

A. Both. Depending on item requiring gold plating we use both – tank plating is usually used for items such as jewellery, watch cases, devices such as smartphone cases and larger items like religious artefacts and interiors and furniture – brush plating is usually for onsite gold plating jobs or items that can not fit in our tank.

Q. How large is your gold plating tank?

A. Our gold plating tank is 2 metres by 1.5 metres wide – currently the largest tank from our knowledge in the U.K.

Q. What are your delivery times?

A. Most items are delivered back within 7 working days using a secure and trackable courier service either DHL or Royal mail special delivery – all items are insured.

Gold Plating Testimonials

West One Bathrooms

Goldgenie were able to customise items that were previously deemed impossible – helping us to secure clients that would have otherwise gone elsewhere. Goldgenie deliver first class luxury gold finishes. Excellent service all round.
West One Bathrooms

Duncan and Kevin Waters

Managing Directors

Jack Barclay Bentley

I worked with Goldgenie during my Lexus days and brought them over to work with us at Rolls Royce & Bentley. We continue to use and recommend Goldgenie’s services for gold plating the Silver flying lady and accessories – They are indeed the “go to company” for gold plating.

Jack Barclay Bentley

Paul Gardner

Sales Manager

Guys Choice awards

Goldgenie supplied all the luxury gold gifts at our Spike TV’s Guys Choice awards. A list celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Vin Diesel, Kevin Hart, Bradley Cooper and Snoop Lion to name but a few were gifted with items such as 24k Gold customized iPhones, iPads, watches and roses preserved in 24k Gold and Platinum. A BIG thank you to the Goldgenie team for meeting a very tight deadline. We are really impressed with this company!

Nicole Alexander

Event Producer – Spike Guys Choice (ViacomCBS)


We are pleased to have helped launch the Goldgenie brand here in Selfridges with their new product range. We are looking forward to their impressive luxury items such as the Elton John iPod and 24k Gold iPhones and iPads doing very well here – we have the right clients, they have the right product.

Selfridges London – Richard Jones

Technology floor


It was my pleasure to have Goldgenie launch in Harrods after their winning pitch on the Dragons Den show. They have had three product launches at my store Harrods on the technology floor, each time their gold phones and iPods have sold out in one day or caused our phone lines to jam. The founder will be as rich as me one day.
Mohamed Al-Fayed

Lexus U.K

Goldgenie provide an exceptional service gold plating car emblems’ while on or off the car. Their gold plating service is unique and allows our sales team to provide tailor made and incentivised packages for customers wanting a unique customisation experience on their vehicle. The Lexus U.K network have been using Goldgenie since 1996. Goldgenie provide innovative and quality gold plating services.

Lexus U.K Franchise Manager – Jim Mckechnie

Johnson Matthey

Goldgenie 24k gold plated a crucible and a pair of scissors for a member of staff who was leaving, they went above and beyond advising on best presentation and more importantly delivered on time for the event. Great experience, and will continue to use for all our gold plating requirements.

Nicholas Gold refinery manager

London Neasden Temple

We are more than pleased with the patience and amazing service Goldgenie has graced us with. We actually prayed for the right company to present itself to us and this is how we found them – true story.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir representative.

Macworld Awards

Goldgenie sponsored our Apple re-seller awards ceremony with an amazing 24k gold plated customised award. We have never seen anything like it and were more than pleased with the level of detail and their contribution.

Macworld Awards


Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes designed and supplied a beautiful range of iPod nano’s bejewelled with Swarovski crystals and laser engraved with Sir Elton John’s signature. They are stunning and called the “Starburst iPod” range.

EJAF Corporate team – Glenn


If you thought the Samsung mobile was already beautiful, then check out the 24k Gold plated version from Goldgenie – this luxury phone is the business!

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