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Gold Plating Services


If you have an idea of what you’d like gold plated or customized and would like to talk to a member of our team please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you asap.

Gold Plating Services

Goldgenie are specialists in gold plating most metals including aluminium some types of plastic, mobile phones and gadgets, bathroom accessories, antiques, jewellery and religious artefacts.

Our specialist gold plating technicians can produce a number of different finishes including 24k Gold, Antique, Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver, Chrome and Nickel.

As featured on BBC televisions “Dragons Den” Goldgenie have grown to become the “Go To” company for all your gold plating needs and requirements on a Global scale.

Goldgenie also have a division that can come on site to your home or company and gold plate, silver plate and even chrome plate most items such as bathroom taps and fittings, without item being removed or disturbing surrounding area, especially useful for private homes, hotels, car dealerships and antique dealers, if cannot be done at your home or premises item can be picked up by our courier or you can send in to our London offices for customization.

Not only do Goldgenie offer the world’s premier Gold-plating service but they also have a collection of luxury gifts ranging from hi-tech customized smartphones to the natural beauty of gilded roses, which can be shipped to almost anywhere. Are you interested in learning how to Gold-Plate and becoming a Goldgenie Certified Professional? With Goldgenie’s business opportunity, not only can you can learn how but Goldgenie will give you almost everything you need to start your own business wherever you are in the world.
Goldgenie are specialists in gold plating service most metallic surfaces, including aluminium, on mobile phones and gadgets, bathroom accessories, antiques, jewellery and religious artifacts. They can even plate some types of plastic and can produce a number of different finishes including 24ct. Gold, Antique and Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver, Chrome and Nickel.
We are gold plating specialist and offering gold plating services business opportunities all over the world. Goldgenie is recognised all over the world in gold plating business. Out top products with plating are gold iphone 5s and gold plated watches. and soon in September, We will be proudly offering gold plated iphone 6 with 24ct gold. Here is some information for people who want to invest in gold plating business

How big is the market?

The thing about the gold plating service industry is that there is a huge demand for service providers!
Whether it is providing services on a small scale, such as for gold plating jewellery or other small objects, to large-scale solutions for the electronic semiconductor industry, you will have no problem finding a niche market for your chosen sector.
Of course, as with all business types, the demand for your services will be influenced by your location, as well as your specific target market.
For example, if you are thinking of offering gold plating services to the aftermarket automotive industry, you will need to be based in a location that is easily accessible by customers and other third parties, rather than having a remote location in a village no-one has ever heard of before!

Gold Plating Services London

We are based in London and awarded No.1 in Gold Plating business. Our customers are worldwide and our dedicated team is there to serve 24/7.

Click Here for gold plating services of mobile phones and gadgets including iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, BlackBerry and HTC One.
Click Here to find out more about our world leading luxury corporate, personalised gifts & services.
Start your own gold plating business. Goldgenie are looking for operators in your area. Find out more

Why Gold Plating Services through Goldgenie

We can also Gold-plate smaller personal items such as photo frames, jewellery and cutlery sets. This service can give tired household and personal items a whole new look and restore valuables to their original condition.

Using a patented plating technique, our embellishment is done using the purest quality 24ct Gold and precious metals available and we use at least 5 microns to cover surfaces, ensuring a long-lasting durable lustre.

Gold Plating is an art introduced with the new creativity by We are London\’s top seller of products plated with Gold at Goldgenie. Our business partners who own Goldgenie\’s business opportunity are also selling good number of gold plating products and increasing their revenue and ours as well.

Gold Plating Precious Items

Goldgenie gold plate items in 24ct Gold, Rose Gold, and Antique. In addition, you can select Platinum, Silver, Chrome or Nickel, reflecting your own excellent taste in the finish of your choice. Further embellishment is achieved through crystallisation, diamond setting and laser engraving. We do gold plating for luxury items as well like Gold plating of watches, Gold plating of iPhone with 24K Gold Plating

Tasked with the purchase of a luxury or corporate gift? Goldgenie have a wide range of world-leading gold plated items, again, that can be customised and personalised according to your requirements. Add your signature or logo for a gift that is unique, thoughtful and refined.

For those who appreciate quality and worth, gold plating precious items lends them an unrivalled individuality.

Recent Gold Plating Work

our recent gold plating work include Gold iPhone 6, Gold Apple Watches, Gold Bicycle, Gold E Shisha. We also gold plate customize items like watches, toys and roses. Our roses with Gold plating are appreciated all over the world as a valentine roses with very economical price.

Please Note: Goldgenie are not associated with Apple Inc. or any of its brands in any way.