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We’ve not only entered a new year but a new decade, that means another year of travel, leisure and of course business! With the new year why not give a fresh new look to your workspace?

Goldgenie has all that you need to re-design your office space and transform it into a focused, peaceful and luxurious environment!

So, the question is what does every office, study or workplace need? You’ve got your essential laptop or computer, alongside printing and filing, as well as your traditional and functional office equipment.

Goldgenie’s Executive Desk collection has all you truly need to transform your desk into a lavish, organised workspace. Our 24k Gold Plated Desktop Clock with Pen Tray will ensure you keep to your deadlines and daily schedule, as well as being a truly magnificent piece to admire. Whether it takes centre place on your red oak wood desk or pride of place atop of your selfing unit, this fine piece of craftsmanship will be the perfect addition to the space. Yes, most of today’s paperwork is all electronic but any wise businessman or woman will have those paper copies on hand. A 24k Gold Plated Stapler, Paper Punch, and Inkwell will elevate your workspace to stately heights. These lustrous accessories will infuse everyday tasks with timeless elegance. Both of the above items would make the perfect gift (even for yourself) for any working gentlemen or women who appreciate the functionality and fine craftsmanship.

Now to accompany your traditional desktop accessories you’ll need a fine piece of technology to complete your work upon. Goldgenie has provided you with the best on the market. The Apple iMac is the ultimate desktop experience; high-performance processors, the best display, graphics and storage systems and all set within a 24k Gold enclosure. A bold and luxurious feature to your office!

So, start your year of working in style and set yourself up to truly succeed!


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