Broke your phone? We know the competition just for you!

Broke My Phone Competition


Goldgenie are the proud sponsors of a great competition run by to give people with broken phones a chance to win a shiny 24k Gold plated iPhone 6 Brilliance, complete with meticulously applied rows of sparkling crystals worth £2,937 ex VAT.

There is nothing worse than your precious new smartphone slipping through your fingers or falling into a toilet/puddle/lake.  We all know someone whose precious new phone jumped from their hands within days of unboxing it. Such stories need no ending as we all know how incompatible phones are with dancefloors, pavements and busy roads.

It is perfectly natural to mishandle a new piece of technology when you have not got used to it or built an attachment with it but due to insurance policies terms, many of those newly smashed phones cannot be replaced so soon after purchase and as luck would have it many ill-fated smartphones are uninsured to start. Just a couple of reasons why we regularly see so many smashed phones on tables and in people’s hands across the country. Once you can still make use your phone to talk and listen, that’s okay right? Well that might have been okay in 1996 and while these are the basic useful functions a phone is built on, if that’s all you can do, it sort of defeats the purpose of owning a smartphone. And a smashed screen is certainly not a smart look., being a top U.K. mobile retailer are all too familiar with mobile phone sob stories and this is why they have launched an amazing competition to find the one most worthy of a replacement phone. And this is not just any replacement but courtesy of Goldgenie, the lucky winner will receive a 24k Gold iPhone 6 Brilliance, complete with a luxury cherry oak display case. To be in with a chance, you need to have a broken phone that is still in use. To enter the competition, simply share a photo of you with your trusty handset on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging @mobilescouk and using the hashtag #brokemyphone.

The competition organisers are looking for phones in the U.K. that “have had a hard time and lived to tell the tale.” Laban Roomes, Founder of Goldgenie Global, has stated: “Nothing speaks louder than the phone you have, its condition especially, and hiding it when it rings in public or when your at that all important meeting can be embarrassing…. Goldgenie are proud to team up with to give away one of our 24k Gold iPhone 6 Brilliance iPhone 6 smartphones to make sure your never ashamed of your phone again!”

Details of the “Broke my Phone” competition may be viewed here:

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View our luxury customised iPhone 6 Brilliance Collection by clicking the picture below.

24k Gold iPhone 6 Brilliance, available to win at

24k Gold iPhone 6 Brilliance, available to win at

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