24k Bespoke Gold Portraits

24k Bespoke Gold Portraits unique to Goldgenie

Goldgenie craftsmen have launched yet another exciting new product: personalised portraits in techniques not found anywhere in the world. An embossing technique unique to Goldgenie meaning you will never find anything like this on the market. Each order is bespoke and our craftsmen will make your portraits by hand paying attention to the small details creating an overall beautiful portrait.

This could be the perfect Christmas gift you are looking for, adding a personal touch this Christmas!

Luxurious 24k gold embossing will be yet another distinctive new line behind which the Goldgenie name will be able to add yet a further exclusive capability to its already comprehensive brand.

Enquire today about your bespoke 24k gold portrait.


24k Bespoke Gold Portraits
unique to Goldgenie

The perfect Goldgenie Christmas!

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