Gold Rose Competition Winner – Ronald Best

Ronald Best recently married is always smiling and looks a lot younger than his years – having lost a child 5 years ago and his beloved daughter undergoing Chemo therapy as you read this you would never know the pain this man must have had to endure and how low he must feel at times.

In fact Ronald did not even enter this Gold Rose competition but was put forward and his story explained to us by an amazing individual Darlene Tackaberry, she explained in detail what an amazing man this is who never complains about his lot but gets on with life and by doing so also inspires “us” and reminds us all to be grateful for what we have…. or have not.

As Ronalds family has been so disjointed over the last few months, leaving his wife in Southend to stay near to his daughter who is undergoing treatment near Warren Street in London we could not help but throw in an extra Gold Rose and a Gold Nintendo Wii game console so when his daughter is out of the hospital they can at least enjoy some fun time with each other.

As the Gold Rose competition winners come in to our office to collect their prizes or send images when they receive their winnings in the post we will add more interesting stories and pics to our blog that hopefully inspire us all to give back a little something and make some ones day.

Lots of love to you Ronald Best – you made our day.

From: Laban Roomes and the Goldgenie Team.

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