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Taste of London, commenced this week and will be open in Regents Park until Sunday.  From Michelin Star restaurants to niche producers from far off remote places, Taste of London is a comprehensive education for our tastebuds.  Be sure to go if you can!

This revered foodie festival has of course got us thinking about food this week…and so many great consumables come in our favourite colour… Gold.  Champagne, caramel (sort of), apples (Golden Delicious at least!), pears, anything fried in golden breadcrumbs, baklava… the list is endless and delectable.  And of course, it is not uncommon to find some foods decorated with Gold Leaf.  We found a British company, Connoisseur Gold, who have been in the craft of in Gold Leaf gilding since 1840 and specialise in Edible Gold.  Their website is a gilded feast for the eyes. According to Connoisseur Gold, “Edible gold leaf has been used for centuries by the rich and wealthy. Italian nobility dined on risotto with edible gold leaf during the sixteenth century. The Elizabethans ate sweets and fruits covered in edible gold leaf, while Japanese had it sprinkled into Sake or tea for a prosperous and longer life.”

We think it looks particularly pretty in drinks and sprinkled over desserts.  We don’t know how nutritious it is but the European Union has rated it safe for consumption and if it makes food look prettier, then all the more we’ll enjoy it! : ) Make sure to visit Connoisseur Gold’s Edible Gold site for a taste of what they offer and and a sparkling range of creative ideas.



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