King Midas meets Steve Jobs

“Everyone looks at your watch and it represents who you are, your values and your personal style.” – Kobe Bryant


A watch is so much more than than a time-telling machine, it speaks volumes for your personality, style and who you are as a person, just as the legend himself, Kobe Bryant once said!

Now, here at Goldgenie were appreciate the lavish and luxurious watches the industry has to offer, from gold to diamonds we want it all. Although we love our classic style watches as a world and society we are constantly evolving, especially with our technological developments and Apple, one of the biggest technology companies in the world are truly paving the way. One of their latest ventures the Apple Watch Series 5. Stylish, sleek, and sophisticated the Apple Watch Series 5 is more than just a ‘watch.’ With the retina display, an advanced navigation system, calls and texts and of course a customised clock it’s the perfect watch for any technology loving geek.

Goldgenie has taken this already stunning piece of craftsmanship and taken it one step further. We’ve created something that will not only be loved by techie people but also the individuals who love the finer things in life, imagine King Midas meets Steve Jobs. 18k Solid Gold, over 600 VVS1 diamonds our 18k Solid Gold Apple Watch 5 and Bracelet with Diamonds is one stunning piece of jewellery that will make an incredible addition to your watch collection. So, whether you happen to be a watch collector or just someone looking to spoil themselves this could be the perfect item.

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