Solid Gold iPhone 5s video

Goldgenie are pleased to announce that the  Solid Gold iPhone 5s Superstar range: http://www.goldgenie.com/solid-gold-superstar-iphone5s.php sales are picking up in Nigeria and other African countries with 3 units being sold to this continent over the last few weeks. Made with just over 200grams of solid 18ct. Gold these unique works of art are seen as investment pieces which Goldgenie will melt down and put onto your next phone if you so wish to do so. Sales in Russia and Macau remain very strong with the casinos buying at least 2 to 3 Solid gold iPhone 5s units per week which are sold and even gifted to extravagant and big spending casino users to keep them spending.


24ct. Gold iPhone 5s Elite Video Filmed in 3D

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