The Apple iPhone 6s – May the Force Be with You


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It is always difficult to gage the exact specs of a new iPhone in the run-up to its launch and the internet is bubbling with speculation from financial and technology analysts and gurus across the world.

We will not know what to expect with full certainly until Apple’s Keynote presentation (thought to take place on September 9th – even THIS is a speculation!).  The one expectation that is almost certain is that the iPhone 6s will incorporate Force Touch, the new feature seen on the Apple Watch.  For those who did not purchase the Apple Watch, Force Touch may be a force still shrouded in mystery.  So we thought we’d explain what it is and what it can do and how it may change the way you interact with your iPhone.

What is Force Touch?

Force Touch is a sophisticated addition to the touch screen, making it sensitive to pressure and therefore more efficient at responding to commands.

What will Force Touch do on the iPhone 6s?

It is thought that Force Touch will be used to activate different menus, shortcuts and new functions. On the Apple Watch, it is used to go deeper into options within applications.

How will it change the way you interact with your iPhone?

The process of selecting different options will become smoother and more intuitive. In fact you may not even notice Force Touch exists as you become used to it and glide through applications and options seamlessly.

So of course, we will not know exactly what Force Touch will mean on the iPhone 6s until we see it in the Keynote presentation but we know it is bound to be a good thing and are looking forward to playing with it very much. Remember, our beautiful 24K Gold and luxury customised iPhone 6s devices will be available to pre-order on our website from Monday 31st August.



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