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Give and it will be given to you.

Giving to PLAN

Giving to PLAN

Give to your family (charity begins at home) to the poor, to orphans, the destitute and your church – Just remember that some of this giving should also be for you, the name of the game is to create “cash flow” in its truest sense.

Whether you call it tithing, blessing, donations or just plain giving the aim is to give from the heart – as your giving is not just your warmth and generosity it’s testament of your faith, in your ability to make money, it’s the law of Giving and Receiving.

Giving from the heart without expecting anything in return, with joy, with peace, with love – is one of the most sure fire ways of enjoying financial success and abundance.

As a child I learnt that you should not spend every penny you have, that some money should be kept back for a rainy day, so the more I saved, the more money came to me, it’s like the money I put aside was a magnetic force attracting more money and new ways of making more money – In a very short time I was able to buy new clothes and shoes to my taste, expensive jewellery, a bike, a car, that house, lavish holidays and so it went on until people around me seemed truly baffled at the speed of my material progress.

What held back my fast track to super success was money that I saved wasn’t working for me, it was usually spent on consumerism and because of my ability to make money this blessing at times became a curse, real wealth eluded me because of my need to spend on fleeting ego orientated items that devalued as soon as they were purchased.

From doing my best to strategically reinvest money from the business I finally made some life changing investments as things had to change.

The first investment made was buying  James Caan out of the business and benefiting from a 100% return on my business profits – Another key investment was setting up a proper office in London Victoria and thirdly it was investing in a team of people each with specific roles and skills to help grow the company and maximise its profits.

In the last 3 years the company has grown to such an extent that it has made more than all the following years combined – solely attributed to the above strategy of reinvesting into myself and the company, like planting seeds that grow and bare many more seeds.

Giving to others

What follows is a real life and personal example that has reinforced my belief in the reciprocal blessings of what giving from your heart without expecting anything in return can do.

By 1997 my spending had got out of hand, I was abusing money, spending frequently at top restaurants, buying extremely expensive clothes and staying in luxury hotels just for the fun of it –  it was like I was making up for the famine years endured (where thank God) I had emerged from after losing many tens of thousands of pounds shipping Lada’s (Russian cars) to Jamaica to sell and add to my family’s Taxi business there.  It was a strange time where I became a virtual recluse ashamed to mix with old friends for fear they found out how I was really living – Once I got the knack back of how to make money from my new gold plating business it was like I had to make up for the less abundant years, it was like I had been emotionally scarred from the lack of money I had experienced and had a compulsion to really enjoy my money and live life to the full, so much so that I forgot all about giving to others, it was now only about giving to myself.

This giving solely to myself had the effect of making me selfish and complacent, until impoverished circumstances and lack re- visited me again.

I will never forget that around this time I was donating money to PLAN International an organisation that gives your donations to children from third world countries, you become pen pals with them and literally see their progress on donations you send directly to your sponsor child. I had a direct debit set up of a measly £20 a month and even that I cancelled as my fear grew of an inability to make new fresh money.

It wasn’t until I was down to my last £7,000 that I was forced to pause and analyse just where my “Midas Touch” had gone – I realised after much self deliberation that I had stopped giving.

I decided to try an experiment – I had recently received correspondence from PLAN international that donations were needed to build a new school and buy mosquito nets for the African village my once sponsor children lived in,  so I decided to use the majority of my £7,000 and donate £5,000 of it to build a small school building and a further £1,000 went to purchasing Mosquito nets for the entire village – leaving me with approx £1,000 to pay my mortgage, buy food, pay bills and with a monthly expense at the time of just over £4,000 per month, by all intent and purpose what I was about to do was utter madness.

Before donating the money I had to get my intentions and heart right – I was not giving to receive – I was merely practicing my faith and ability that more money would come as well as helping out an amazing cause, a cause that went on to change the course of life for many 100’s of impoverished children.

After donating money to build the school and acquire mosquito nets I then made a point to increase my donations to PLAN, even though I had no money in the bank I resolved to give a portion of my money to people in need as soon as money started coming in again, just like I used to.

In no time at all money was flowing in again  from all angles and very shortly after my “act of faith” I received a call from the Best Western Hotel group who wanted all bathrooms in three of their hotels gold plated and refurbished, a job which netted me over £40,000 in profit – this was the first time I was able to employ people as the Lexus work was now booming again and I had to take on physical help to complete the Best Western project – all within weeks of giving my last and not knowing when or where money would come from again.


Meditate on the concept of giving, practice giving without wanting anything in return. Set up small direct debits to charities. Just £5 per month can provide much needed vaccinations, food or school books in some countries. Whatever money comes to you this month decide now to give a minimum percentage of it away to the less fortunate – Personally, I give 20% as a minimum and a lot of times much more, I don’t even question it any more as the blessings that come back to me are so profound and awe inspiring that I actually consciously start looking for more ways to give.

Closing quote:

Malachi 3 vs 10
Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

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