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24k Gold Plated Segwheel

24k Gold Plated Segwheel

One of our most talked about products, added to our Goldgenie collection a few years ago, is the beautiful 24k Gold Plated Segwheel. The best way to travel, quickly, economically and comfortably, in style!

Not long after being launched in 2015, Goldgenie’s one of a kind Gold Plated Segwheel created a buzz across the media. A unique and very different gift to your standard Segwheel, it creates a massive talking point between friends.

This self-balancing electric uniwheel is the perfect gift for even the biggest of kids. With the latest high-tech methods in aero-space transport control, as well as the gyroscope system maintaining balance through body weight placement, this 24k Gold Segwheel is literally like riding a bicycle. Its portable, lightweight and extremely easy to ride and most importantly a seriously unique and fabulous way to get from A to B. With the ability to brake, turn 360-degrees and accelerate all with a tilt forwards or backwards, it is such an easy, comfortable and one of a kind way to travel around.

Travelling up to speeds of 18km/hr this, meticulously embellished with 5 microns of 24k Gold, Segwheel is the perfect gift for those eco-conscious individuals looking to travel not only quickly, but luxuriously. Finished up with Gold Python skin, this 24k Gold Plated Segwheel from Goldgenie is a fabulous gift for any occasions whether that be a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just a surprise for that special someone.

You can view this elegant piece of technology in action below, in a video that showcases its beauty and power, this is truly the best way to commute in style!

View our Gold Plated Segwheel here.

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