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27-Inch iMac: A Powerhouse with a Stunning Display

27-Inch iMac

For creative professionals and anyone who craves a desktop experience on a grand scale, the 27-inch iMac is a compelling choice. This all-in-one powerhouse combines a breathtaking Retina 5K display with robust performance, making it ideal for tasks like photo and video editing, graphic design, and even running demanding games.

The centerpiece of the 27-inch Apple iMac is undoubtedly its display. Boasting a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels, it packs in a staggering 14.7 million pixels – four times more than the standard model. This translates to incredibly sharp visuals, perfect for showcasing intricate details in photos and videos. The display also supports P3 wide color gamut and True Tone technology, delivering vibrant and realistic colors that adapt to the ambient light for a comfortable viewing experience.

Under the hood, the 27-inch iMac packs a punch. While Apple no longer offers the latest Intel processors, you can still find configurations with powerful 10th-generation Core i5 or Core i7 processors. These are paired with AMD Radeon Pro graphics, providing smooth performance for editing high-resolution content or running graphics-intensive applications. Storage options include spacious solid-state drives (SSDs) for fast boot times and application loading.

When it comes to design, the 27-inch iMac remains a looker. The sleek aluminum chassis comes in a variety of finishes, and the bezels surrounding the display are minimal, creating an immersive viewing experience. The included Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard offer a comfortable and wireless workspace setup.

Price & Performance:

The 27-inch Apple iMac (2020) is a powerful all-in-one (AIO) computer that combines sleek design with impressive performance.


  • The iMac 27-inch offers a range of configurations, including the option for a 10-core Intel Core i9 processor and updated AMD Radeon Pro graphics. These enhancements make it a robust choice for demanding tasks.
  • The 1080p webcam has been significantly improved, which is especially relevant in the era of videoconferencing.
  • The Retina Display remains stunning, with a native resolution of 5120 by 2880 pixels.
  • While the base configuration starts at a reasonable $1,799, you can customize it with extras to suit your needs.


  • The iMac 27-inch can get pricey once you configure it with sensible extras. For instance, the version reviewed here costs $4,499.
  • Despite the cost, the iMac stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of computing power, unique features, and a sleek all-in-one package.

Goldgenie customisation of iMac 27 Inch

Apple doesn’t currently offer a gold color option for its popular 27-inch iMac. However, for those seeking a touch of luxury in their desktop setup, third-party customizers like Goldgenie can transform a standard iMac into a head-turning gold masterpiece.

A Touch of Midas

The 27-inch iMac boasts a stunning Retina 5K display, perfect for creative professionals and anyone who appreciates crisp visuals. Encasing this display in a gleaming gold finish creates a truly eye-catching statement piece. The gold plating adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace and complements modern or minimalist aesthetics.

Customization Options

Goldgenie offers various gold plating options, allowing you to personalize your iMac. You can choose from 24K gold for a classic and luxurious look, or explore rose gold or white gold for a more contemporary feel. The customization process typically involves disassembling the iMac and electroplating the aluminum enclosure.

Considerations Before Going Gold

While undeniably beautiful, a gold-plated iMac comes with some factors to consider. The price will be significantly higher than a standard model due to the customization process. The durability of the gold finish may also differ from Apple’s standard finishes. It’s important to consult with the customizer about the aftercare and potential warranty implications.

Goldgenie, known for their opulent customizations, offers a lavish transformation for the 27-inch iMac. Here are the details:

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply want to showcase your wealth, the 24K Gold iMac from Goldgenie is a true work of art that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with timeless elegance

Performance and Alternatives

The gold plating itself doesn’t affect the iMac’s internal performance. The latest 27-inch iMac boasts powerful M-series chips, making it ideal for demanding tasks like video editing and graphic design. For those who prefer a non-gold option, Apple offers a variety of stylish colors, including silver and space gray.

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