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An iPhone quickly becomes such an integral part of our daily activities – it manages our calendar, our contacts, our communication, our social media, our creative pursuits, our workload, our hobbies, our photos, our music, our shopping… just to mention a few things! There is an app for everything these days. We feel that not only is it worth embellishing such a vital everyday accessory with the finest mirror-like finish in 24k Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum but Swarovski crystals give it that extra magic touch! From the all light touch of the Swarovski crystal logo iPhone 6 Elite to the all over dazzling Supernova, these phones are sure to catch the light and inject some sparkle into your day!

Goldgenie Crystal iPhone 6 1016x1024 Add some sparkle to your day with our Swarovski crystal logo iPhone 6 Elite!