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Does Fake Gold Float?

Does Fake Gold Float

Gold is a heavy metal. It is gotten from heavy rocks. It is about 50 grams in weight when extracted from one ore. It is also an excellent electrical conductor, in fact, one of the best, which is why it is used very well in phones, computers and other tech gadgets. It is also much denser than other materials, so its weight is therefore enormous. 

Naturally, when metals are light, they’ll float in water, but when heavy, they just go down to the bottom of the water.


How to Gold Perform a Float Test


Checking if a gold metal floats in water is sometimes also referred to as the density test. It is one of the ways of substantiating a gold piece. It could be jewellery, gold coin and bullions etc. To know the density of a gold piece, you first measure the mass and then the volume. The density is therefore known by dividing the mass by the volume. This division would provide the density of your gold piece accurately.


By standard, 24 karat gold has a density of 19.3 grams, while 18 karat gold has a density of 15.6 grams, and 14 karats are 13.1 grams, all per cubic centimetre. So, for instance, this means that each atom of the 24 karat gold parts is heavy. So when you measure a 24k gold and get a result far from these, you can identify it is fake gold. When purchasing, the weight is also usually inscribed in a privy place. If the weight you measure is far from what is inscribed, you know what it is that you are purchasing or have purchased. With this, you already know if it is fake or real even before putting it into the actual water test.


After the density test, you can then go ahead to drop it in a bowl of water. If the gold piece falls right to the bottom, it is real gold. If it begins to float, staying right at the level where the water stops, it confirms it is fake. In essence, fake gold floats. This is because it has no capacity in itself. It is made of other than and insubstantial materials and then plated in gold. For 18k gold plated jewellery, it will still sink and not float, even up to about 14k.


Investing in your gold


This is one of the most basic, fastest, and most straightforward tests that one can do to know and avoid being goldbricked.


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How to Gold Perform a Float Test

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