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For The Love of Africa | The Gold Range

2010 has been an exciting year for All Thingz Nice and next year promises to be even better, so I thought I’d give Goldgenie and ATN followers a sneak preview of what to expect!

Gold has been found in several African countries for centuries and most of the world’s gold has been found in South Africa, so ATN decided to create a range of garments in honour of this wonderful continent. Made using fabulous gold coloured rhinestones on materials that have been combined to ensure the best quality apparel, ATN presents ‘For The Love of Africa – The Gold Range’.

About All Thingz Nice: Inspired by pride, history, legacies, symbols and roots, All Thingz Nice combines images representative of countries from around the globe with contemporary fashion trends, fusing them to create a unique clothing brand, that looks amazing however and where ever worn.

Remember where you saw it first! All Thingz Nice website coming soon. For more information email: [email protected]

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