The Pink Star

What is the most expensive ring in the world? Well, you would be looking at The Pink Star, it currently comes in at ...

Your Lavish New Suit

Purchasing a new suit can be a daunting yet liberating task! Most suits are a life long purchase so you’re going to want ...

Wedding Season

  Amidst the glorious wedding season, the time of joy, love and the joining of 2 souls, Goldgenie have compiled together some of ...

Women’s Luxury Fashion

Over the years we have seen some truly exquisite gowns worn by some truly fierce, influential women from award parties to simple evenings ...

Practical yet Stylish

Practical yet stylish is truly the perfect combination. Who doesn’t want something they can utilise and look good while doing it? The NEW ...

New York Fashion Week

The world has recently been gifted with the fabulous New York Fashion week running from February 8th-16th 2018 in New York City, USA. ...

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