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Luxury Gold Gifts Gold Plated Shoes for Her

There is no such thing as the perfect pair of shoes, discard that myth because indeed the perfect pair of shoes do exist and if not yet they soon will. Follow till the end for explicit information.

If You Have $17 Million, Have I Got the Shoes?

The goal of every woman is to own the perfect pair of shoes. Truthfully, there are only a few perfect shoes out there, and what would define the perfect shoe?

The perfect shoe is always of luxury and at the same time comfortable. This is a match that is almost impossible to come by but Goldgenie has pulled through.

Good shoes will take you to the right places but the perfect shoes will land you right in front of a best-selling magazine or the met gala. If you have $17 million, I dare to ask you what you will purchase? I will purchase something, unprecedented yet, something the world is yet to see its type, something people could only dream of. I would purchase shoes immersed in 24k gold.  Yes, actual pure form gold.

This dream stiletto is made from the purest 24k gold and lined with hundreds of diamonds. This pair will cast glorious lights in a dark room and with every step you take in them, heads will turn towards you. With your comfort in mind, this luxury pair is made to be as comfortable as your daily flats. Who says luxury is pain?

24 k Gold Shoes A Luxury Gifts for Her

Luxury Gifts for her

Not only for the appearance, but the shoes are also a great form of investment and a perfect way to store value. No precious stone is as popular as gold and diamonds and they are always in demand. A win in both ways, you possess the perfect shoes and an investment that will only continue to surge upwards in value. You want to quickly lay a hand upon these shoes as there is a limited production of them.

It is not uncommon to hear of gold shoes but really, they are shoes made with leather dipped in gold solutions but not this perfect pair from Goldgenie and proving the genuineness would not be an issue as every products and service we offer are usually accompanied by a certificate that lists the features and the genuineness of the product we have offered you.

Payment is never an issue with our company, we consider our clients satisfaction a priority and we will do everything to guarantee your convenience. We have put in place a crypto payment system so that your payment doesn’t have to be in cash or transfer. With the structured means on our website, you will be able to make payment with bitcoins, euthereum, and other crypto structured means.

What stops you from making your purchase now?


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