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Gold plating kit business – Make money from home!

Make £500 plus per day with a Goldgenie gold plating business opportunity!

Business Start-up Made Easy.

Starting a viable, portable business has never been easier. The Goldgenie Certified Professional opportunity is a dream come true for many ambitious individuals. Over the last ten years, many determined entrepreneurs have taken the decision to invest in Goldgenie. With the technical and business expertise and support of Laban Roomes, they have seen growing returns on their Goldgenie investment. This opportunity is now formally extended to an even wider market.

Becoming a Goldgenie Certified Professional complements your existing career, or enables you to build a strong business by adding value to your customers’ prized possessions. And in difficult economic times, adding value to a product or service is an almost guaranteed way to earn a living. Our commitment is to offer you a business, not just a plating machine. From time to time we will subcontract work to you and actively pass new leads to your business. In addition to this, we offer a generous 10% to 40% discount on all listed prices to all fully-registered Goldgenie Certified Professionals.

Make £500 plus per day with a Goldgenie gold plating business opportunity!

Make £500 plus per day with a Goldgenie gold plating business opportunity!

This entry-level package consists of one Goldgenie goldplating machine, (with lifetime guarantee) a selection of chemicals, a batch of branded leaflets and business cards, which will incorporate your details and a one-day technical and business training programme. At a promotional package price of £1,295 plus VAT (offer ends 31st August 2009).

The start-up chemicals package will complete in excess of £3,000 worth of goldplating business, and as promised, we will endeavour to introduce customers to you as part of our commitment to your business.

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  1. How much would it cost me in “US dollars” to buy your gold plating system, and have it shipped to Anchorage, Ak.

    I’ve been thinking of starting a gold plating business from my home.


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