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Gold & Carbon Bugatti Veyron

I saw this and I was speechless, it is just so sexy. This is a Bugatti Veyron Lineo Vincero d’Oro and it’s the only one existence. It’s been customised by Mansory, an aftermarket tuning company that specializes in the modification of high-end British automobiles. Now as with most things, preferences of limited edition items is a matter of personal taste and sometimes, the addition of “bling” can murder any class or appeal that an item may have originally had, BUT this one-off Veyron has just the right amount of gold trimmings, subtle but extremely effective.  The body is covered in carbon fibre featuring a copper weave to make it sparkle under light. The interior is lined with custom LEDs across the dashboard and around the instruments. And, of course, there’s plenty of gold on the steering wheel, seats and door linings.

Oh and aside from the fact that it looks good, this super car can reach 200 and 300 km/h (124 and 186 mph) in 7.3 and respectively 16.7 seconds, winning for herself the name of the quickest-accelerating production car in history. It will probably cost a couple of million (price to be confirmed) which leaves me wondering what I would need to do to get my little mitts on this for a test drive.  You can follow me on twitter @ AllThingzNice

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