Goldgenie Aerospace iPhone 6 Collection


Inspired by futurism and the industrial age of our times, we have expanded its range of iPhone 6 customisation designs to incorporate carbon fiber. Due to its high potential strength and light weight, carbon fiber is frequently used in aerospace design, civil engineering, military components and motor-racing vehicles. Inspired by the modern aesthetic of this high performance material, Goldgenie’s designers decided to create a truly modern collection that is both beautiful and durable. The Aerospace iPhone 6 Collection includes Goldgenie’s custom finishes of 24k Gold and Platinum and a newer shade of dark platinum.

The woven structure of this strong atomic fiber not only reinforces the iPhones with hardwaring strength but its etched appearance lends the collection a minimalist modern edge.

Each device from the collection is presented in a custom made cherry oak display case.  The collection is currently available to view and purchase at Selfridges London and on Goldgenie’s website.




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