Goldgenie Launch Exotic Skin Collection

Goldgenie have introduced an exciting addition to their existing range of luxury Apple products.  The Goldgenie Exotic Skin Collection features a range of iPads and iPhones customized with genuine Python and Lizard skin.  The skins are precision cut and bonded, ensuring a perfect and seamless fit. The stunning contrast in textures make these luxurious Apple devices truly unique, in fact almost as unique as a fingerprint.

All the skins are CITES certified. (CITES stands for the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.)


Python Skin iPhone 5s


Python Skin iPhone 5s in Cherry Oak Finish Box


Lizard Skin iPad Air


Lizard Skin iPad Air


Red Lizard Skin iPad Air


Red Lizard Skin iPad Air

Please check out our customization page to see how to have our item customized in CITES protected snake skin.

Goldgenie Time is the Greatest Luxury…

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