Goldgenie Launches VIP Concierge Service


Following the success of our luxurious collections of customised lifestyle and tech items, we are proud to announce the launch of Goldgenie Concierge.  With several years’ experience in the customisation and provision of gifts for the luxury international market, this is a natural step for Goldgenie as we know our market. Between our London location and worldwide network of suppliers across a diverse range of areas including hospitality, entertainment and wealth management, we cater to almost every need of our clients, who are worldly, sophisticated and accustomed to the best of everything.

Goldgenie Concierge membership will offer a suite of services, including lifestyle and travel assistance, asset investment and wealth management advice, personal shopping, alongside exclusive access and invites to music, sporting and fashion events across the globe.  These services can be customised for a vast array of individuals ranging from busy executives, innovative entrepreneurs, stay at home mothers and globetrotters who want to feel at home wherever they go.  In order to tailor the services to individual needs, Goldgenie Concierge will offer new and existing clients complimentary consultations in order to get to know each person’s tastes and preferences and determine how they can best be supported.

“We are excited to enhance the customer experience by offering this Concierge Membership as an additional benefit to our customers and for new clients. It is important for us to enhance our customers’ experience against the backdrop of our luxury product range.  Our goal is to help make their dream a reality,” said Laban Roomes, Founder of Goldgenie.  Whether it is a last minute top restaurant booking or a trip to Space, the Goldgenie Concierge ethos is rooted in possibility and the team will specialise in providing its members with unforgettable experiences: “The extreme can be done immediately, the impossible may take a little longer…”

Goldgenie Concierge services will offer clients through a choice of three distinct memberships; GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND.  Each membership tier allows clients to choose a level of membership that best suits their requirements and the appropriate terms that will suit their lifestyle. Additionally the membership will be supported by a dedicated app on IOS and Android platforms for clients to make and manage any requests. Another unique feature that can be availed by all members is the facility to make encrypted calls on their mobile phones. This features is sure to add to the value of Goldgenie’s  Concierge membership in light of the current climate of sensitivity to personal privacy.

Our concierge membership is sure to provide the golden ticket to seamless organisation and a gilded lifestyle.

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