Goldgenie 24k Gold iPad Air Won on Let’s Make a Deal


Yesterday, one lucky winner received a shiny new iPad Air 2 embellished in a glossy coat of 24k Gold on top American gameshow “Let’s Make a Deal.”  The gameshow, which has been aired since the 1960s is based on studio audience members playing as “traders” and making deals with the host of the show.  Traders are offered a chance to make a trade for items and up the value of their winnings but they also run the risk of receiving what is known as “Zonk”, an item which is of little or no value to the trader.


The audience members of Lets Make a Deal always wear crazy costumes to further their chances of being selected to become a trader on the show.  This always adds to the entertainment and excitement of this adrenalin roller coaster of a show.

We are delighted to have our 24k Gold iPad Air 2 as a prize on this classic gameshow and wish the winner much enjoyment with this luxurious device which is as practical as it is beautiful.

View our 24k Gold iPad Air on our website here.


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