Goldgenie's Golden Goat Emerges from the Workbench


We were thrilled this morning to see another shiny new 24k Gold Year of the Goat iPhone 6 Elite emerge from our technician’s workbench all shiny and polished and ready to be united with its new owner.

Our special phone to celebrate the Chinese New Year and Year of the Goat has caused quite a stir worldwide and was featured in many publications worldwide, including as one of items recommended in “The Chicest way to celebrate the Year of the Goat”.

We are quite sure there is no other iPhone 6 out there quite like the ones adorned with our charming hand painted golden goat and they have been in high demand as gifts to celebrate the Chinese New Year around the world.    The Goat is a peaceful animal, most comfortable amongst friends and the Year of the Goat is thought to bring a much needed energy of unity, peace and harmony throughout the world and we hope our limited edition 24k Gold Year of the Goat iPhone 6 will help to boost the year ahead with this positive energy.

Year of the Goat iPhone Will

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