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In Unity There Is Strength

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Štěpánek

Now available to order, Goldgenie’s eagerly anticipated iPhone Xs Max ICON is the hottest product in our line-up. A step up in lavish technology this addition stands for a lot more than luxury and the worlds latest Apple product.

The ICON was designed as a symbol of unity; unity within a community, a company, in the world, with its aim and drive to show that working together can make a positive impact. So, for that reason, a donation of £500 from each ICON iPhone sold will be made to The Princes’ Trust!

Now, if that hasn’t already sold you on this incredible item, how does VS1 Diamonds surrounding the iPhone sound? You can literally add a ‘touch of sparkle’, we are always taking luxury and glamour to the next level here at Goldgenie!

Made in Great Britain, the craftsmanship that goes into the ICON is truly incredible and like no other in the Goldgenie collection! So, if you are looking for the latest in iPhone technology but wanting an added touch of luxury, then look no further, Goldgenie’s iPhone Xs Max ICON has got you covered. You get all of the above whilst helping an incredible cause at the same time!

1. The ICON Apple iPhone(C) Goldgenie.jpg

1. The ICON Apple iPhone(C) Goldgenie.jpg

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