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Goldgenie’s Luxury NFT Series Includes a Real £15K Diamond Encrusted 24k Gold iPhone

Luxury NFT Series

Goldgenie’s Luxury Diamond-Encrusted 24k Gold iPhone.

Laban Roomes’ brand new non-fungible token (NFT) series offers much more than a JPEG or profile picture. Each of the six “History of Goldgenie” NFTs listed on OpenSea comes with a diamond-encrusted 24k Gold iPhone Pro Max 13 1TB. Roomes said his company, Goldgenie International, will ship the product to most countries via DHL, packaged in a luxury gift box. The iPhone will include a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty. The iPhones are SIM-free, allowing the owner to use the mobile carrier of their choice.

Each NFT celebrates a key highlight of Goldgenie International’s history, starting with the company’s humble beginning in 1995. After learning about gold plating technology and creating his own plating machine, Roomes started going door-to-door with his prototype, offering to gold plate the homeowners’ bathroom taps or car emblems. He eventually worked up the courage to approach dream-client Lexus, and they became a regular customer.

Other NFTs feature ​​the world’s most expensive racing bicycle, which Goldgenie sold for $250,000 USD from their retail store in Dubai, and the first successful 24k Gold customization of an Apple iMac in 2012. The final NFT in the collection commemorates Goldgenie’s fifteen years of offering customized 24k Gold iPhones. The company was the first ever to offer the product, beginning in 2007. The NFTs contain a video that displays a featured highlight and a brief written summary.

Roomes’ notoriety grew further after he appeared on the hit BBC television show, ‘Dragon’s Den,’ the British equivalent of ABC’s Shark Tank. Roomes left the den with an investment from multi-millionaire entrepreneur James Caan.

Roomes has created luxury ranges of iPods and iPhones for a host of celebrities, such as Elton John, The Beckhams, Floyd Mayweather, Usain Bolt, P. Diddy, Mark Wahlberg, and Will Smith. He has also created products for prestigious clients such as the Emmy Awards, Lexus, Rolls Royce, Selfridges, and Harrods.

“Unlockable content and other advantages of NFT ownership have grown in popularity,” said Roomes. “For example, Bored Ape NFTs give owners access to member-only events. Well, these Goldgenie Luxury NFTs are the only NFTs in the world that comes with a luxury diamond-encrusted 24k Gold iPhone. It’s a unique, rare, and highly valuable product.”

The “History of Goldgenie” NFT collection is now live on OpenSea. Roomes said the NFTs are priced in Ethereum at 6 ETH. He also said once the NFT owner claims the iPhone, it will ship out within twenty-eight days.

“We are excited to send our limited-edition luxury iPhones to the NFT buyers. It’s an honour to share these key moments from my entrepreneurial journey. The Goldgenie story is a testament that with hard work and determination, dreams really can come true,” said Roomes.

View the “History of Goldgenie” NFT collection

View the “History of Goldgenie” NFT collection

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Watch a short YouTube video clip of Goldgenie’s Diamond Encrusted 24k Gold iPhone Pro Max 13 1TB

About Goldgenie
Goldgenie luxury gold gifts and customisation company established in 1995. Goldgenie’s gift collection includes a range of iconic Apple products, including iPhone, Watch and iPad, as well as luxury gold gifts for all occasions. With customization of devices and gold luxury gifts at the heart of what they do, London-based Goldgenie has also become an international company with a flagship luxury retail store in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Goldgenie was founded by award-winning entrepreneur, Laban Roomes.

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