The top 3 luxury travel destinations

We have complied a list of three of Goldgenie’s top travel destinations. let us know your top destination in the comments below.

Tokyo, Japan

With a growing tourist market, Tokyo, Japan caters to the high-end exclusive clients. There is luxury at every turn from the glowing landscape to the incredible architecture with exquisite interior design. Bringing the calm and tranquil of the nature surrounding to the hustle and bustle of a popular destination. Urban areas bring a thriving community and high-end shopping with an outlet for all your retail therapy. Luxurious experiences are around every bend, however if you are looking for one of the best The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho shoots to the top of most peoples list. The rooms bring a mind-blowing view of the country’s capital city. With, of course, a menu depicting Japanese cuisine, a full experience of their wonderful deep culture for all the senses.

New York, United States of America

The land of opportunity and the business capital of America. Through the blocked streets of New York you can find luxury down many of it’s concrete avenues. Make your way north from greenwich through midtown and beyond finding high-end shopping, which will be sure to quench your shopping needs. Even in the ice cold winters, elegance and beauty can be found throughout the city. Take a trip to Rockefeller centre and marvel at the historical tree glowing down the streets for miles. Not only is it steeped in history and class, luxury is seeping out from the busy streets. Check out The Knickerbocker in the heart of the city and dine at Benjamin’s SteakHouse rubbing shoulders with the famous and wealthy of the entertainment and business world. Even in this forward moving, fast paced city head over to New York’s backyard, to Central Park and find a quiet spot in a glowing beacon of one of the finest most extravagant cities in the World. Oh, and of course, go see a show!


Renown for its luxury Dubai is an escape into a land of beauty, elegance and class. Beyond its unique architecture lies a luxury that’s dripping from each of its magnificent buildings. Take a luxury yacht tour with breakfast or a bbq or take a tour of Abu Dhabi City with tickets to Ferrari World and experience world-famous events. Or maybe jump into a helicopter and soar above Palm Jumeirah and other top sights. But of course stay in luxury at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray or even the One and Only The Palm and take an evening at Indego by Vineet. With a wild choice of luxury from all spas to cuisine you are sure to find luxury from every turn.

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