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Wendy Fabrie Gold Rose Winner

Wendy Fabrie Gold Rose Winner

Wendy Fabrie

Our latest Gold Rose Competition Winner is Wendy Fabrie who works in a school for children with disabilities and often loses students through to death such as a 13 year old girl last week due to an auto immune disease. They have a little corner in their school where everyone remembers those who they have lost and have found a place for this Gold eternal rose for those little beautiful and brave souls whose lights shine so very bright but so very short.

To protect the families of these gifted children we have not mentioned the name of the brave pupil who sadly passed last week.

“There is still more good than bad in this world for any disbelievers out there and the more we can think of each other with genuine sincerity and love the more good that will come back to us the trick is – not to give to receive.”

From: Laban Roomes and the Goldgenie team.

Dave Dawes Gold Rose Winner

Dave Dawes

Another selfless soul who wants is auction off the Gold Rose to raise money for Cancer research which funnily enough is one of the Charities and causes Goldgenie has done extensive work with in the past with the likes of Frank Lampard, Sol Campbell, Thierry henry and Mr. Al Fayed Mohammed – the previous owner of Harrods.

From Laban Roomes and the Goldgenie team.

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