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Prince charming
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Prince charming

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Ever since I can remember, friends, colleagues and complete strangers have called me charming.

I am not sure If I would like to be known for all of the following but if I am true to myself I cannot help but feel an affiliation with the complimentary person that charming describes – so profound is the word “Charming” I just had to look it up for its complete and definitive meaning:

adjective: charming
1. 1.
very pleasant or attractive.
“a charming country cottage”
synonyms: delightful, pleasing, pleasant, agreeable, likeable, endearing, lovely, lovable, adorable, cute, sweet, appealing, attractive, good-looking, prepossessing; More
striking, alluring, delectable, ravishing, winning, winsome, fetching, captivating, engaging, enchanting, entrancing, fascinating, bewitching, beguiling, spellbinding, hypnotizing, mesmerizing, seductive, desirable, tempting, inviting, irresistible;
informaldreamy, heavenly, divine, adorbs, gorgeous, smashing, easy on the eye, as nice as pie;
informalbabelicious, bodacious;
archaicfair, comely
he stayed with a French family and their charming daughter

Most interpretations of “Charming” are not only a compliment to the person paying it but they see something that cannot always be understood or fully grasped, they see something of an enigma.

Charming is an energy, it’s what you emanate and rarely is it subjective or reliant on good looks.

The actor Wesley Snipes quoted:

I don’t see myself as extremely handsome. I just figure I can charm you into liking me.


Midas Touch my early gold plating services company, carried out bespoke gold plating for the entire U.K Lexus network and required me to turn up in person to every Lexus dealership throughout the country, to embellish car emblems and grills in 24k Gold which remained on the customers vehicle while being plated.

This extremely lucrative association with Lexus set the foundation for today’s Goldgenie and was built largely on relationships developed with everyone I came into contact with while building my portable business within the Lexus Network – It was like I was telling these mere mortals to look into my eyes, not around the eyes but in my eyes until they would give me their money… only joking now… but in reality this wasn’t far from the truth.

When I first started approaching Lexus there was an existing and well organised portable gold plating company that were happily servicing the vast majority of Lexus dealerships across the country, everyone was comfortable using the company as they were trusted, safe and reliable – The more I spoke to the Lexus sales team responsible for commissioning gold plated badge kits the more I discovered that the man doing the work was impersonal, he turned up and did the job, never interacted with anyone and apparently never smiled, or said thank you. This gold plating technician got the job done left his invoice and for the most part they never saw or heard from him until his services were again required.

I got my first break with Lexus by calling up the then Barbican Lexus dealership, speaking to the sales manager and telling them that I was in the area and would like to come into their show room and gift them my services of gold plating a set of Lexus emblems, I explained that I was in the area anyway so it wasn’t a problem.

While gold plating the showrooms demonstrator vehicle I communicated to the Lexus teams psyche the “possibility” that I was a totally plausible and acceptable “alternative” to the existing established order, someone they could well enjoy dealing with, who had a tongue, spoke and was friendly. I was interested in them as people and could get the job done to the same professional level as the person before me. Word spread of this “alternative” as I was courteous, intriguing, super organised, accommodating and did a great job but most of all I took time to know the individuals who made up the sales team and literally overnight I started working for the complete U.K Lexus Network as the Lexus sales teams unofficial authorised gold plater.

I gave the sales teams gifts, rewarded them financially for gold badge kit sales and kept them informed with colour brochures and price lists, special offers and always, always, always gave them a thank you card at Christmas, accompanied with a bottle of champagne, even if it meant driving to each Lexus dealership covering many hundreds of miles in the process – nothing was too much for my Lexus brethren and as my business boomed to the tune of £25,000 per month gold plating Lexus car emblems I even ended up buying the competitions gold plating system and his business after an unexpected phone call from the owner one late evening.

Despite the obvious benefits of having the Lexus brand behind me and experiencing this rapid, profitable and extremely satisfying success, the whole business was built around my customers liking me. My work was good but not any better than the previous guy – what made them want to use me was I made them feel special, it was interpersonal dealing with me and for want of a better word they saw me as approachable, charming and someone they felt they could do business with.

Interestingly enough as the company grew my charm became a part of the company, part of the Goldgenie DNA. The company started to speak for itself and they didn’t care whether or not I turned up in person to gold plate car emblems any more as they could be sent through the post or ordered online from our website.

Charm, if that is what it really is comes from the connectives we all share as a human race which includes a certain need to please, to be loved, to excel materially and spiritually – it’s a knowing, deep down inside of us that everything we set our my mind to will come to us, it’s a certainty that whatever you want, wants us too – that we are endowed with a special gift in this world, I am special, you are special and truly blessed beyond comprehension, born to inspire, born to create, born to be a pioneer for lasting change.

Looking for the good in everyone by valuing their opinions, whether it be on space travel or sexual orientation.

Listening to people and asking questions that are focused on them and their well-being and interests is always a sure fire way to make someone feel not only good about themselves but it will also win favour as well as their business..

People will give their love, their money and respect to people who make them feel special.

I make it my prerogative to notice people, as people in all their shapes and sizes truly fascinate me – it’s people that have helped my business grow into a well-oiled International company.


Starting from today make it a habit to observe people at close quarters, including work colleagues, friends and lovers, look only for the good in people and ignore the negative irritating traits we all have to some degree that serve to sabotage our lighter and more luminous selves. As frightening as it may be, practice looking people in their eyes when you are talking, not to be menacing but to show them they have your attention – “the eyes, they never lie Chico” as Tony Montana said and are direct windows to the soul… and the best way to instantly connect with people.

Times are changing, gone are the industrialist Rockefeller days where cut throat business was the norm – we are living in an age where connecting, sharing and inspiring is not only the norm but is also extremely profitable.

Plant seeds of encouragement in everyone you meet, seeds that will take root, grow and prosper…  and as they grow and prosper so will you grow and prosper – as what you sow you cannot help but reap.

Closing quote:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Mayo Angelo


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