If you can’t wait any longer for the Apple Watch or are looking for something a little more retro, we have found the perfect solution for you.  A genius who goes by the name Aleator777 has posted the most wonderful retro invention alongside instructions to make it on Techy DIY website www.instructables.com. With a nod back to the Apple Macintosh desktop computers of the 80s, the Apple II Watch features a sturdy square greyish beige plastic square frame, green and black digital screen and storage in the form of two miniature disc drives.  It also hosts an array of useful functions including text, a speaker and scrolling knob.

Humorously introduced as a new piece of technology set to launch in 1985, it is worth visiting the Apple II Watch page to for the retro description alone, never mind the instructions but it might be worth downloading the those too to try your hand at creating this charming little piece of wearable technology.  And if you succeed in doing so, we are always ready to Gold-plate it for you! : )

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