Apple have aptly chosen the Monday following the Spring forward hour change in the U.S.A. to host their keynote special event to unveil details about the Apple Watch to the world.  The event will take place in San Francisco at 10am P.D.T. and may be watched live on the Apple site here. Be sure to tune in! Please check what time that means to you where you live, bearing in mind that American times jumped forward yesterday so 10am is now 5pm in London, not 6pm!

The finer details about the Apple watch models are expected to be revealed, such as pricing and specifics on timekeeping, health and connectivity features. There has been much speculation on the prices of Apple Watch… Especially for the 18k Gold Edition model… While it has been widely acknowledged that Apple are a luxury technology brand, their price of the Edition watch will determine how far into the luxury market they are now positioning themselves.  With rumours of the Apple Watch being sold through luxury stores in Paris, it is not expected to be cheap.

Of course everyone at Goldgenie will have their eye on Apple’s keynote event later today.  We are already registering interest from customers for pre-orders of our 24k Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum embellished stainless steel versions on our website.  We will be offering both sizes of the Apple Watch in our luxury finishes, alongside very special diamond encrusted solid gold models.  Watch this space. We shall be revealing more later…!



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