Ten Reasons Why We Love the Apple Watch

24k Gold Apple Watch Elite
24k Gold Apple Watch Elite
24k Gold Apple Watch Elite

24k Gold Apple Watch Elite

The Apple Watch debuts on the 24th April and we can’t wait to get it wrapped around our wrists.  Apple’s most personal device ever released is sure to change the way we view time and more importantly free our time as many aspects of our lives are accessed with a glance or touch of our wrist.  As the clock turns into the ten day countdown, we thought we’d list the ten reasons why we love the Apple Watch:

1.  Never miss a call again.

So often when we’re out and about we don’t hear our phone ring, which defeats one of the main purposes of having a mobile… And it’s even worse when you can hear your phone ringing but can’t find it while it calls out from deep within the paraphernalia in your bag.  The Apple Watch will save you from any of this flustering in future and guarantee that you will always notice when a call is coming through.


Apple Watch Incoming Call Feature, Image Source:

Apple Watch Incoming Call Feature, Image Source:

2.  It tells the time on time

The Apple Watch keeps time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard so you can always be sure of the time. It also reveals all the aspects of time with one look -revealing the moon phase, date and world clock all at the same time.

The Many Aspects of Time Revealed, Image Source:

The Many Aspects of Time Revealed, Image Source:

The Many Aspects of Time Revealed, Image Source:

The Many Aspects of Time Revealed, Image Source:

3.  It customs time to YOU

The Apple Watch understands what time means to you.  Syncing with your calendar and contacts, it will remind you of your meetings and places to be in time and on time.  And with a wide variety of interchangeable face designs, you can choose a look to suit your style or mood of the day.

4. See the Weather with a glance at your wrist

When looking at the sky is not enough to forecast the weather, you’ll now be able to look at your wrist to determine which direction the weather’s going to take for the day ahead.

5. Let your Music Run Free

With the Apple Watch, you can take your music with you on the run without the weight of your phone or MP3 player or the constraints of wires.  With onboard Bluetooth, the Apple Watch can stream your music to wireless bluetooth headphones, which is especially useful to joggers.

6.  Keep a WATCHful eye on your health

Apple’s innovative compact health monitoring system will allow you monitor your heart rate and count your calorie usage whilst on the go as the the day goes by.

7. Water Resistant

The Apple Watch is sealed so you don’t have to worry about the rain or splashes of water whilst washing your hands.  However, this is not the watch to take deep sea diving with you!

8. Passbook on your wrist

No more stress looking for store cards and plane tickets as the Apple Watch incorporates Passbook, freeing your hands and mind as you go about your daily and travel routines.

9. New Channels of Communication Opened

Sometimes words are not enough to express your feelings. For such moments, the Apple Watch will allow you to send your heartbeat to your beloved so they can feel your love with #nofilter and the sketch facility allows you send a doodle with little ado.

Apple Watch Heartbeat, Image Source:

Apple Watch Heartbeat, Image Source:

10.  Beautiful Design

We know looks aren’t everything but it is worth mentioning that the Apple Watch is a beautifully designed piece of modern technology.  With a vast array of strap options, finishes and colours, including those from our own luxury customised Spectrum collection, you can make sure the Apple Watch is tailored to your individual tastes.

Goldgenie Spectrum Collection - Pop Colour Python Range

Goldgenie Spectrum Collection – Pop Colour Python Range


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