The latest step in the technological world

The latest step in the technological world

The iPhone 11 Pro is set to release on September 20th, 2019 and of course, here at Goldgenie, we are putting our own ‘Midas touch’ on it.
Three new iPhone models are hitting the tech market and will be in the hands of every techy individual be the end of September 20th, so why not make yours stand out. Goldgenie’s 24k Gold iPhone 11 Pro is now available for pre-order, the perfect gift for yourself or some special who enjoys the finer things in life. Luxury, elegance, and beauty are what comes to mind, this perfectly designed piece of technology can now be yours.
With a new camera system in the ‘Pro’ iPhones to feature a third sensor for ultra-wide-angle photos and videos with a larger field of view, it’s a games changer for photography on mobile phones, creating photos and videos that will rival your ‘traditional cameras’.
With a 24k Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold edition available to pre-order from today, be sure to get yours today.

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