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The Shure Super 55: A True Classic

Shure Super 55

The Shure Super 55, with its timeless design and pioneering technology, remains a testament to Shure’s commitment to excellence. From its debut in 1939 to the Super 55 today, this microphone has left an indelible mark on the world of audio.

So next time you see a Shure Super 55, remember its rich history and the countless voices it has amplified over the years! 

History of the Shure Super 55

The Shure Super 55: A True Classic

Ask anyone to think of a vintage microphone, and chances are the Shure Model 55 will come to mind. This iconic mic, introduced in 1939, has stood the test of time and remains a beloved piece of audio history. Let’s delve into its remarkable journey.

Breakthrough Technology

The Shure Model 55 was not only visually striking but also groundbreaking in terms of technology. Here’s why:

Single Dynamic Element: Before the Model 55, achieving anything other than an omnidirectional pattern required multiple diaphragms. Shure changed the game by using a single dynamic element with a breakthrough design called UNIDYNE. This technology allowed sound waves to reach both sides of the diaphragm at different times, resulting in a more linear frequency response. The UNIDYNE design laid the foundation for many future microphones, including the iconic SM58.

Pattern Control: The Model 55’s cardioid pattern made it versatile for various recording situations. Its compact size and classic styling made it an instant hit.

Evolution Over the Years

The Model 55 underwent several transformations:

Original Models (1939):

  • 55A: Optimized for 35-50 ohm low impedance.
  • 55B: Designed for 200-250 ohm systems.
  • 55C: Intended for high impedance equipment.

Broadcast Versions (1946):

  • The Model 555 introduced an isolation mount.
  • In 1947, it became the Model 556, replacing the three original types. It featured a multi-impedance selector switch.

Smaller Model (1951):

  • The smaller Model 55, often called the “Elvis” microphone, offered improved cartridge isolation and a wider frequency response. It was available as the 55S (standard) and the 556 (shock mount broadcast version).

Legacy and Recognition:

  • By the 1950s, the Model 55 was so recognizable that Shure’s advertisement simply stated, “Used the World Over More Than Any Other Microphone” and “The Microphone That Needs No Name.”

The Super 55

In 2009, Shure introduced the Super 55, a modern version that pays homage to the original while incorporating contemporary features. With its vintage aesthetics and improved performance, the Super 55 continues to be a favorite among musicians, broadcasters, and performers.

Technical Specifications

The Shure Super 55 boasts a dynamic capsule design, meaning it relies on a moving coil to capture sound. This translates to a rugged and reliable microphone well-suited for live use. Its frequency response, ranging from 60 Hz to 17 kHz, emphasizes vocals and speech, ensuring clear and crisp sound reproduction. The Super 55 also features a supercardioid polar pattern, which tightly focuses on sound coming directly in front of the microphone while minimizing unwanted background noise. This makes it ideal for situations with stage bleed or audience noise. With an impedance of around 150 ohms, the Super 55 can connect to a variety of microphone preamps without requiring additional equipment.

Unique Features and Functionalities of the Shure Super 55

Beyond its technical strengths, the Shure Super 55 stands out for its unique features and functionalities. Firstly, its iconic barrel-shaped design, nicknamed the “fat boy” by some, offers exceptional wind resistance. This makes it a popular choice for outdoor events or situations with air movement. Secondly, the microphone’s built-in pop filter helps tame plosives, those harsh consonant sounds like “p” and “b.” This, coupled with its focused pickup pattern, minimizes the need for additional external wind protection or pop filters, allowing performers to move freely on stage without sacrificing audio quality. These features, combined with its durability, solidify the Super 55’s reputation as a workhorse microphone for demanding live environments.

The Shure Super 55: A Golden Twist

The Classic Shure Super 55

The Shure Super 55 has long been revered as a timeless microphone, cherished by musicians, broadcasters, and performers alike. Its iconic design, reminiscent of the golden age of radio, has graced stages and recording studios for decades. But what if we could take this classic to an even more opulent level?

Enter Goldgenie

Goldgenie, known for their exquisite customizations, decided to elevate the Super 55 to new heights. They took the beloved microphone and gave it a lavish makeover, transforming it into the Shure SM55 Super Deluxe – 24k Gold Plated Vocal Microphone1. Here’s what makes it truly special:

Golden Glamour: The Super 55 Deluxe now boasts a 5-micron thick layer of pure gold. Imagine the shimmering radiance of this microphone under the stage lights—a true showstopper.

Blue Foam Windscreen: Goldgenie added a touch of elegance with a blue foam windscreen. It’s like dressing up the Super 55 for a grand gala.

Professional Performance: Beyond its aesthetics, this golden wonder retains the Super 55’s exceptional audio qualities. Professional vocalists will appreciate its:

  • Smooth Frequency Response: Your voice will be faithfully captured with clarity.
  • High Gain Before Feedback: No more worries about unwanted noise.
  • Super Cardioid Polar Pattern: Precise directional pickup.
  • Maximum Isolation: Say goodbye to interference from other sound sources.

Singing in Gold

Whether you’re belting out tunes in your bedroom or performing on a grand stage, the Goldgenie-customized Super 55 ensures your voice is heard with regal clarity. It’s not just a microphone; it’s a statement—a testament to both artistry and luxury.

The Super 55 Legacy Continues

From its debut in 1939 to its golden transformation today, the Shure Super 55 remains an enduring symbol of excellence. And now, thanks to Goldgenie, it shines even brighter.

So next time you see a Super 55 Deluxe glimmering in gold, remember the fusion of art, technology, and extravagance that makes it truly exceptional! 🎤✨


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