Things to note about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Have you seen Samsung’s new Note yet?  The device was released in the USA in August and has proved a trojan when it comes to productivity.  A 5.7-inch display screen teamed with the stylish new S pen, this is a piece of technology that will give you the clarity and functionality of your office desktop and the mobility of well.. a mobile or a notebook!  A beautiful digital notebook… Hence, the name: the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Available in 32GB or 64GB capacities, the Quad HD Super AMOLED (518 ppi) display screen is encased in a premium body of 7000 series aluminum and Gorilla Glass 4.

Weighing just 171g, the notebook is light to hold and its curved back fits comfortably in the hand, while the new design of the metallic S Pen is both solid and stylish. The phone, which features innovative highspeed wireless charging and a longer battery life, is a practical and beautiful accessory for the busy executive who needs to juggle a busy life on the go.

We have given the new Note 5 a futuristic Midas Touch, combining highly reflective 22K Gold hologram vinyl with a frame in our signature mirror like 24K Gold finish.  The luxury customised phablet is available to order through our website here.  Like all our luxury customised phones, it will be unlocked and capable of working on any network worldwide.



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