The Best Weekend Entertainment Comes in Gold


At Goldgenie, we believe that every day objects should be special because we believe that every single day is special.  This is why we Gold plate and customise almost anything, from mobile phones to bicycles and those little things in between such as pens, key rings and even coins (there’s a pirate in everybody after all!).  Of course while every day is special, Fridays and the weekend tend to take precedent in people’s hearts.  Weekends are the time when we get to kick back and unwind, catch up on our favourite TV shows, play sports or go out an paint the town red.  Whether you are entertaining at home or out and about, we have a shiny array of accessories to ensure that your weekend activities are accented with luxury and Gold.

Below are a few of our favourite luxury customised accessories for the weekend:

Tennis is the ultimate social sport and a fun way to work out.  Our 24k Gold Tennis Racket will certainly single you out on court even if your serve doesn’t….



A 24K Gold plated microphone will add a glamorous touch to your performance, whether it is on stage or at home by the karaoke machine!

Our 24k Gold iPads are a very stylish way to catch up on your favourite TV programmes or social media while on the go or at home on the sofa:


Anyone for Golf? Saturdays and Sundays provide the stretch we need to finish a round of 18 holes. Our 24k Gold Golf Clubs will catch the sunlight as you swing.

24k Gold Plated Golf Set


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