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Top 3 Christmas Gifts for Her

Ballgown from Marchesa's Spring Summer 2016 collection, Photo: Yannis Vlamos /, Image Source:

It is not exactly hard to come up with Christmas gifts for her, whether that be a new item of clothing or her favourite perfume. Dare we say you could even leave it till the last minute and ransack the nearest department store 48 hours before the big day!

However, finding gifts that won’t just be pushed to the back of the wardrobe can be hard, so this year we have done the hard work for you and put together our top 3 favourite gifts for her.

Number 1

Our newly released iPhone Xs Max Elite, available in Rose Gold, 24k Gold or Platinum finishes is the perfect glamorous upgrade on her current phone! You cannot go wrong with diamonds, and with this new edition to our product line being embedded with 800 VS1 brilliant cut diamonds she will be gleamy ear to ear, the perfect gift to showcase to her friends. Like they say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

Number 2 

Why not go all out with our genuine Python snakeskin customizable phone case to accompany her phone that will ensure a unique gift this Christmas! Precision cut and bonded, it is a perfect seamless fit, and with an array of stunning colours to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. A stylish yet classy addition to her phone that will have her standing out from the crowd.

Number 3

What does a woman love more than clothes and jewellery, cocktails! Our Crystal range boasts a fine set of 2 Crystal Cocktail Glasses, and with 24k Gold elements in the stem, this new glassware will create a classy and elegant presentation of your drinks. So, whether you be hosting a glorious dinner party or toasting to a special occasion these Crystal Cocktail Glasses will add that extra special touch to your event. 


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