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The perfect start to a Monday morning

Sadly, it’s the end of a beautiful weekend but, of course, the beginning to a productive week. However, with any Monday morning along comes the stress of the imminently commencing week ahead, but don’t worry we have the perfect luxury gift to treat yourself to, that will brighten up your morning and give you that energy to conquer the week ahead.

Our 24k Gold Coffee maker, handcrafted in 24-karat gold or silver using crystal and semi-precious stone, is a bespoke piece of kitchenware that is only produced eight times a month. It will truly turn your Monday morning art of coffee brewing into a grand ceremony. This extremely unique and luxurious item has had 50 hours of painstaking workmanship put into every piece, with this level of detail it will take pride of place in any household.

In partnership with a fabulous team of skilled sculptors, metallurgists, and engineers, Goldgenie has recreated the historic balancing syphon used by royals in the 1800s. With such a stylish and sleek design, this ornate item is the perfect gift to brighten up your Monday morning, which of course, in turn, produces some truly fine coffee that will give you that extra burst of energy to achieve your day’s endeavours.


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