Travelling in Style

Elegant, reliable, practical and easy to carry around, are the top qualities people expect from their luxury travel luggage.

With plenty of high-end models on the market at the moment, you would think you were spoilt for choice, however not all of those fulfil all of the things we discussed above. Goldgenie has compiled a list of some of their favourite stylish, luxury luggage lines.


Rimowa, born in Cologne, Germany, is a sleek line of ‘space-age’ luggage featuring the well-known ‘groove’ structure. Crafted from polycarbonate this strong material gives each final product added strength making their suitcases impact resistant. From practical, and stylish luggage Rimowa is now teaming up with other renowned companies Fendi, Dior, and Supreme to release some bespoke versions of their excellent luggage pieces, ensuring that you take over the world in style!

Louis Vuitton

The legendary, Louis Vuitton, has paved the way for modern fashion since its founding in 1871 and luxury travel luggage is just one more of their forte. Sophisticated, colourful and innovative designs featuring four multi-directional wheels make roaming around the airport not only a breeze but fashionable.


Globe-trotter not only has the perfect name for your next piece of luxury luggage but it has all the features you would require to travel in comfort and easy. Founded in 1897 by David Nelken, Globe-Trotter cases are both elegant and practical, crafted by hand over a 10-day process, each item is truly magnificent. With customers such as the British Queen and the former British Politician, Winston Churchill you sure to be travelling the world in style.

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