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Worlds Most Expensive Easter Egg


With Easter fast approaching let’s look around the world at how others celebrate it or indeed spend on it to make it, this year, the best Easter to date.

Worlds Most Expensive Easter Egg

The diamond-studded easter egg stands at a whopping $8.4 million, it’s glamorous and luxurious. A cross between the edible Faberge egg and the Damien Hirst skull. It’s been named ‘Mirage’. As it dazzles with over 1,000 diamonds on its outer surface. It boasts 100 uniquely cut diamonds and the diamonds on the outer shell alone come in at $2.5 million. To top it all off the encrusted out shell keeps safe a magnificent 18-carat gold globe, revealing a delicate crystal dove, perched on a gold olive branch. 

The designer was Manfred Wild. It took a crazy three years to create. It was worked on by skilled craftsmen from three continents. 

Manfred Wild, German, born 1944 is best known for gem, precious stone carving, and sculpture.

Now, if we move over to New York City we will find, as previously mentioned, the Faberge Easter egg. They have a hunt for the world’s most expensive edible Egg. And likewise, Faberge Easter at Harrods. At this event, there are 13 eggs to find. Not only this but if you register online you could win an 18 karat gold and diamond egg pendant!


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