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You can have what you want, BE what YOU want

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One thing I realise without any hesitation is that we all have the power to create and design our own life.


Everything around us that we see started as an idea in someone’s mind, the cars driving along our roads and streets, the buildings that shape the skyline and curing the most detestable of diseases, even running water and electricity all came from a hope, a vision of something better something more.


Subconsciously we use these skills every day without even thinking of the power we hold in our hands from getting those new shoes, eating a desired meal or simply getting our dream partner. Mankind usually go from one accomplishment to another or its converse one disaster to another without even thinking or knowing why.


Man has the power to manifest his ideas and thoughts and shape his life, being able to consciously or subconsciously make all that he wishes for real but through indolence, complacency or false ideals squanders much precious time, energy and substance watching life pass him by without realising the fact he can have what he wants, he need only decide what that might be.


My first big and consistent work when I started my gold plating business in 1995 was for a prestige car company near Hampstead Heath in London, my client Mr. Ahmed who I had never met until several months into working for him gave me on average 10 to 15 cars per week ranging from Rolls Royce to Lexus to have their emblems gold plated. At the time this contract was worth at least £2,000 to £3,000 per week to me and allowed me to get a first-hand glimpse of wealth on a scale I had never seen before.


The prestige car business was operated from what I can only call a luxurious mansion, it was a large 12 bedroom Georgian style home built on 22 acres of prime land, it had its own golf course, tennis courts and in indoor Olympic size swimming pool fitted with gym and Jacuzzi facilities. All the bathrooms had gold plated fittings and the immensely large spacious rooms had ceilings so high my neck would hurt looking up to see where it ended, it was as if the great Gatsby himself lived there.


On arrival to this most idyllic location I would be ushered by a large olive skin man who could barely speak English on behalf of my real employer, to what I can only describe as an air hanger where every high performance car under the sun lived.


For some reason my last invoice had not been paid and so was not leaving the premises until the cheque for previous work was securely in my hand so I asked to see the “boss” himself to clear up this little discrepancy and with a combination of sign language and miming I made the “help” understand this and was led to a lift which brought me to the first floor to meet the owner of the this grand operation.


As if from a scene in a James Bond film I was led to a light airy room decorated in true regal fashion with long bay windows which took over the whole North facing wall then shown a sumptuous leather chair by my olive skinned friend and told in an unrefined deep voice to “SIT”
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After what seemed like an eternity my ears tuned into a humming noise which sounded like an electric motor, getting gradually closer, as I looked in the direction of the large open door of my entry a hunched figure on a motorised wheel chair moving at what seemed like a frightening speed consideration the drivers condition came buzzing into the room, the figures head was bent to the side with a pilots hands free microphone to his mouth and his right hand contorted over what looked like a joystick. Is this my boss? in words which were never spoken aloud but I am sure were heard very clearly by my host. Then in words that tried to hide my ignorance and prejudices I said in my most convincing voice “Mr. Ahmed?”


After a couple of uncomfortable seconds Mr. Ahmed who was in my opinion no older than 50 spoke in a synthesized voice similar to that amazing scientist Stephen Hawkings, he apologised for the late payment and said he did not send the last payment because he wanted to thank me in person for the incredible job I had been doing for him over the last few months he went on to say that the service I provided allowed their company to make “good extra profits” and also enabled his customers to personalise their vehicle with a service that had not previously been available to them, hence increasing his sales.


Mr. Ahmed then went on to say that he would not be around for much longer and had been given just 6 months to live by doctors after being diagnosed with Cancer.


Now, you may wonder why I am telling you all this, to somehow promote my innovative gold plating business perhaps you say? No, well just a little bit… but the real reason is to describe to you a most memorable and profound meeting with a man… a paraplegic, who went on to tell me that he had not always lived in this grandeur and that by a cruel twist of fate his average life as an employed car salesman with no real savings or investments changed forever when he damaged his spinal cord on a horse riding trip at the age of 23.


After a year or so of coming to terms with his situation Mr. Ahmed explained that he became tired of feeling sorry for himself and started to visualise a better life, a life free of financial difficulty a life of abundance and prosperity.


He started by evaluating his situation and came to a realisation that he still had his life and with it his mind and started to think of all the things he could acquire if he did not have any restrictions, he then remembered his passion for cars and made a resolution he would want for no material thing, then with the aid of technology he was able to write his plans down and he set about attaining them.


After borrowing money from his friends and family he worked on a premise to double his money with every transaction, in time paying off the money he owed after coming into profit, did you know that if you double a penny every day so 1p becomes 2p, 4p 8p 16p 32p etc. etc. for 30 transactions starting from only a penny you would have well over a million pounds? not many people know that…..! So he was able to purchase with his previous knowledge of the performance and luxury car industry and use of friends and family good imported cars and created an impressive web site that enabled him to receive full payment for a car that only existed on his computer screen then source that car using his contacts creating at all times positive cash flow in his business.


Soon his bed room that had also become a prison abounded with images and pictures of things he would one day own, his adapted computer screen had images of an ideal life which comprised of material possessions, his Georgian home, private jet and business acquisitions which would one day be his.


After only a year of doing business he started to add other strings to his bow like buying and selling property, then as the universe would have it when your mind is completely focused an amazing opportunity came his way… shares in a major national lottery! now not sure whether this was the Chinese lottery or some other significant lottery based in another country but he was given the option to purchase 25% of these shares for an undisclosed amount, which he then sat on for nearly 10 years whilst still growing and investing back into his core business of high performance cars and property until the day came when he was advised to sell and reap an undisclosed substantial profit, by this time he was already a multi-millionaire and was able to make the move to his current abode.


This remains one of the most powerful first hand testimonies I have had the pleasure to personally listen to, where a literally “broken man” gathered up his faculties and focused them like a laser beam on success and success only, of course he would never be able to jump out of a plane and skydive, or go swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean but he or his family would never want for any material thing again because he realised the power of visualization and materialisation.


A most touching thing was shared by him as I was about to leave, more touching in my opinion than his disclosure of only having 6 months to live.


As I was leaving he said that with everything he had accomplished just through the power of visualizing and believing it to the extent of it materialising into his life and surroundings he told me one thing that will always bring tears to my eyes, he said “God has given us all the power to overcome any obstacle that may come our way, I have first-hand witnessed the power of the spirit and faith to have whatever I wanted and have financially acquired, my only regret is that if I could turn back the clock I would have used this “power” to walk again.
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So in closing please get that notebook, use that iPad, print off those images and know that whatever you are facing, whatever your current position or situation the universal truth is:


You can have what you want in your life, you just need to decide what that want is.


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